Home world: Space
First Appearance: Ultraman Tiga episode 49 "The Ultra Star"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 2 m
Weight: 120 kg
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Yanakargi
Roar(s): TBA

Charija (チャリジャ) is an alien that has only appeared in Ultraman Tiga episode 49, along with Yanakargi and Ultraman.

Subtitle: Space Devil (宇宙魔人 Uchū Majin)


  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Origin: Space


Ultraman Tiga

An alien who owned a monster named Yanakargi, after Yanakargi was sealed away by a being of light from M78, he came to earth to looking for a monster to buy in the year 1993. But there was nobody around who sold monsters on Earth. The alien got the idea to go see Eiji Tsuburaya and quickly went to the year 1965 with his time machine. After he arrived in the year 1965, He looked for the Tsuburaya Productions Manager, hoping to buy a monster. After some talking, Daigo came on to the scene having followed the suspicious man and met the alien. Daigo shot the alien but missed. Laughing loudly, it disappeared. Back in 2008, he reported the situation to the GUTS captain Iruma. In the same night, Daigo talked with a man who had got a stone called the Ultra Star. He said the Ultra star could summon Ultraman and told the story of how he acquired it. Overhearing this, the alien went to the lake where his monster was sealed and unleashed him. The monster called Yanakargi appeared from a blue light and began to destroy the area. Daigo quickly transformed into Ultraman Tiga, but the monster easily trounced him and began to siphon off his energy. Watching, the man summoned Ultraman, to the alien's nostalgic surprise, who then freed Tiga from the monster's grasp and recharged him. Both Ultramen turned to the monster and used their respective beam attacks, Tiga used his Zepellion Ray, while Ultraman used his Specium Ray. Both beams struck the monster together destroying it. Giving a disappointed sigh at his monster's death, Charija swore to Ultraman that he would return and disappeared in a puff of smoke.


  • The ジャ in his name can mean "manager", possibly relating to his interest in buying monsters.
  • His human form and his alien form's cane gave him the resemblance to Charlie Chaplin, a silent movie comedian actor.
  • Charija is the second alien swore to Ultraman that he would return but he never seen again, the first is original Alien Mefilas.

Powers and Weapons​

  • Disguise: Charija can disguise himself as human dressed as a magician.
  • Levitation: Charija can levitate for an undetermined amount of time.
  • Phasing: Charija can phase through objects.
  • Staff: Charija has a cane, which he can disguise as an umbrella. It can launch energy balls, break Ultra Seals and teleport for escape.
  • Time Machine: Charija has a strange looking device kept in a suitcase sized bag that allowed him to create portals through time.


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