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"We are numerous, whether in a single body or several, we act under the same will. There will be a new order."
"I see that. The planets whose ecosystems you have changed, is that all a part of evolution?"
"Correct. The remaining creatures of those planets will build up a new order under the same will. For this, sometimes, there will be sacrifices."
"Is that supposed to be necessary!?

―Chaos Ultraman Calamity explains his goal to Cosmos

Chaos Header (カオスヘッダー Kaosu Heddā) is the head of the Chaos Organism and a former main antagonist of Ultraman Cosmos series. During his conflict with Earth and Ultraman Cosmos, the entity eventually took on physical manifestations to attack the Earth directly. It was eventually redeemed and returned to space.

"Chaos Header" was a term created by Team EYES member Doigaki for identification, but the entity had since adopted it as its own name.

Subtitle: Light Virus (光のウィルス Hikari no Uirusu)


Pre-Ultraman Cosmos

Chaos Header was an artificial being created to bring justice to the galaxy, having emerged in the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy. Exactly who created him is unknown, yet the being carried immense power and desired to follow his directive to the letter. However, due to this obsession with bringing about justice, he believed that violence was the only way to achieve peace and began to force a new order on the universe with an iron fist. Long before Cosmos set foot on Earth, Chaos Header rampaged on an unnamed planet Cosmos was protecting. He changed the planet's ecosystem and turned it into a wasteland. Cosmos, who felt guilty for his perceived failure, vowed to never let another planet fall into Chaos Header's grasp.

The planet which became Chaos Header's next target was Juran. As Chaos Header rampaged on the planet, Parastan, the unknown protector of the planet fought and defeated him forcing him to retreat. This was witnessed by the planet's ancient civilians, who wrote the story down on a wall.

Ultraman Cosmos

Chaos Header first appeared as chaos organisms over a city. Its appearance awed the citizens. Suddenly, the energy reaction of Chaos Organisms spiked and it fired a ray down on the city, destroying it. He later approached Kaburaya Island and infected Lidorias. Once the chaos organism overtook her body, Chaos Lidorias went on a rampage attacking Japan, blindly under the virus' influence. Despite the brief success of Musashi in calming down the infected monster, Chaos Lidorias rampaged again when the JADF arrived to kill her. After having his plane shot down, Musashi merged with Ultraman Cosmos for the first time and stopped Chaos Lidorias's rampage by purifying her, expelling the chaos organisms from within Lidoras, freeing her.

Soon, many more monsters would become victims of the Chaos Header's virus, such as Golmede, Jelga, Parastan, Eligal, Neldorand, Taildas, Delgoran, Mazalgas and Dolba. Surprisingly, Chaos Header also knew Musashi's identity as Ultraman Cosmos' host.

"Shinobu, is that transformed from a human?"
"No, Mr. Kano is here. That's neither a transformation nor a clone. That is probably a materialized form of Chaos Header."
"Materialized Chaos Header?

―Shinobu and Hiura, episode 25.

Cosmos vs Chaos Header Iblis

After an incident with using Akane's hatred to manifest a monster, Chaos Header gain interest in human emotions and started a series of kidnapping incidents. Through the emotion of hatred and possessing a human host named Ryoichi Kano, Chaos Header started to manifest its own independent form Iblis, which almost scored a victory against Ultraman Cosmos' Corona Mode until Kano's compassion to his son, Shota, weakened the form for Cosmos to finish. As time passed, the virus developed it's own immunity to any of Cosmos' form of exorcism. After the death of Eligal, Chaos Header masqueraded as an infected version of the monster to trick Cosmos into wasting his energy and eventually unveiling itself as Chaos Header Mebut. Chaos Header would went on to a rampaging spree and trying to kill the weakened Cosmos, facing against Team EYES and Lidorias along the way. A partially energized Cosmos continued the fight and was further empowered into Eclipse Mode, using his new abilities to gain the upper hand of the fight and eventually defeating Chaos Header Mebut when the villain's attempt to use Lidorias as a meat shield was rendered moot.

The face of Chaos Header appeared in EYES Base.

With knowledge of Musashi Haruno as Cosmos' host, Chaos Header traced him all the way to Treasure Base and a semi-possession attempt during Cosmos' transformation resulted with the birth of Chaos Ultraman. After defeating Cosmos and imprisoning Musashi, Chaos Header used their newfound form to possess a Neldorand and fight against Team EYES. Musashi escaped thanks to his teammates freeing him and had Cosmos Eclipse Mode destroying the clone. Several months later, Chaos Header managed to trick the JADF forces into killing Mazalgas to prevent the humans from putting the monster's Chaos Chimera into use. When SRC try to recreate the formula, Chaos Ultraman was reformed to destroy the Scientific Analysis Center. Just as Cosmos was about to defeat the clone again, the Chaos Header energy from the Point P87 upgraded their clone into Chaos Ultraman Calamity, the clone now is capable of tanking all forms of Cosmos' attacks. As SRC successfully recreating the Chaos Chimera enzyme, the clone once again found itself at a disadvantage as both humans and Ultraman (including the help of a single monster) collaborated in their war against the space organism.

Chaos Header after its purification.

Chaos Ultraman Calamity's final battle was at the Moon, which Cosmos specifically choose due to its abundance of Soagg minerals to exploit his weakness again. However, that was when all the essence of Chaos Header (including those of P87 point) merged into Chaos Darkness through their mutual hatred against the Ultraman. It seemingly disappeared from Hiura's Chaos Chimera, but the entity landed on Earth, now being immune to all forms of resistance. With knowledge that the entity is simply misguided, Musashi attempted to achieve mutual understanding on both sides, but his efforts were in vain until he merged with Cosmos, using the Ultra's Luna Final and the accompanying cries of Mogrudon, Bolgils, and Lidorias managed to purify him into Chaos Header 0. Cosmos orders him to leave the Earth but Chaos refuses, unless Cosmos accompanies him. As the Chaos Header flies heavenward, he vanishes into light particles.

Ultraman Saga

Chaos Header 0 and Mienin in Ultraman Saga

In Ultraman Saga, Chaos Header 0 eventually arrived on Planet Juran, acting as the guardian for numerous benevolent monsters. Chaos Header was observed in conversation with a Mienin, who stood on the back of his hand.

Ultraman Ginga

Chaosroid T in the special.

Chaosroids T, U, and S as well as Chaos Ultraman reappeared in Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale! battling their good templates (save Chaos Ultraman who fought Ginga). Both sides fought each other until the Chaos Ultramen had them exhausted. Just as they were about to admit defeat, Ginga told Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro, and Ultraman Tiga not to give up and so they poured on their signature moves and fired at the imposters. They collided with the enemies' signature moves until Chaos Ultraman and the Chaosroids finally lost the beam volley and vanished a few seconds after being hit scoring a major victory for the Ultras.

Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia Novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace

Although not appeared, Chaos Jirak was kidnapped by Charija specifically out of interest for the Chaos Header's powers. The element of Chaos Header was also added through Chaos Jirak's cell to create Demon Gyrares XIV. Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia Novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace


Chaos Header (Light Virus)

Chaos Organism particles

The face of Chaos Header appeared in Chaos Organisms.

Chaos Header's physical projections, they are described as Light Virus (光のウィルス Hikari no Uirusu) able to assimilate with monsters. The symptoms of a monster infected with the Chaos Virus are, red eyes, altered body parts with bits of 'junk' and a seeming increase in aggression. All the later forms of Chaos Header have these powers, they can transform into a cloud of these or generate a cluster to infect others.

Powers and Weapons
  • Chaos Light Bullet: Chaos Header can fire energy blasts.
  • Light Rope: Chaos Header can create a construct to tie up and immobilize targets.
  • Infection: Chaos Header can infect monsters and even people with its parts, those infected are under its thrall. Sometimes it can even bestow powers onto those it infects. They can even do this on computers or technology.
  • Absorption: Chaos Header can absorb bio energy from a being and/or have their bio-data memorized.
  • Materialization: With enough Bio-Data memorized, Chaos Header can create a Chaos version clone of the target. These clones have powers similar to the original, but sometimes the clones have their own powers.
  • Worm Hole: Chaos Header can create a wormhole to send assistance to its Chaos Clones and victims.
  • Materialized Chaos Header (実体カオスヘッダー Jittai Kaosu Heddā): Chaos Header can create avatars of himself to battle Cosmos, as seen creating Chaos Header Iblis, Mebut, and Darkness. Materialization of independent forms involves the emotion of hatred, either through possession or their mutual hatred for Cosmos.
  • Adaptation: Like real life virus, Chaos Header is capable of slowly adapting to any forms of weapon and techniques designated to counter their possession. By the time they assumed Chaos Darkness, Chaos Header has become fully immune to even the Chaos Chimera and SOAGG mineral.

In Ultraman Cosmos, Materialized Chaos Header (実体カオスヘッダー Jittai Kaosu Heddā) are independent forms of the Chaos Header by reconstituting their essence into physical bodies. In addition to monstrous forms, it is also applicable to Chaos Ultraman (Calamity), as long as they are independent forms to interact during the battle.

Chaos Header Iblis

The first manifested form of the Chaos Header, Chaos Header Iblis (カオスヘッダー・イブリース Kaosu Heddā Iburisu) was the result of the Chaos Header becoming interested in human emotions, particularly hatred.

  • Height: 66 m
  • Weight: 61,000 t
  • Weakness: Chaos Header Iblis draws his power from human hatred, especially his possessed victim Ryoichi Kano. When Kano demonstrated compassion to his son, Shota, Chaos Header Iblis would gradually lose his power.
Powers and Weapons
  • Chaos Light Bullet: Chaos Header Iblis can fire missile-strength blasts of energy from his eyes, hands and mouth.
  • Wave Bullet: When attacked, Chaos Header Iblis an create a telekinetic field that resembles disturbed space called the Wave Bullet which can absorbs attacks and used be as a projectile. If an enemy is engulfed in the field they will be at the mercy of the Chaos Header's telekinesis until they break free or are released.
  • Claws: Chaos Header Iblis' Claws can cut Cosmos' skin, pierce his barrier and if he latches on he could drain Cosmos' knowledge. They can also fire beams.

Chaos Header Mebut

Chaos Header Mebut.jpg
This was the result of the Chaos Header evolving. Chaos Header Mebut (カオスヘッダー・メビュート Kaosu Heddā Mebyūto) first appeared after setting a trap for Cosmos posing as a monster to get him to waste his energy.

  • Height: 69 m
  • Weight: 67,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Chaos Light Bullet: Chaos Header Mebut can fire missile-strength blasts of energy from his eyes and hands.
  • Wave Bullet: Mebut's wave bullet is stronger and larger than Iblis.

Chaos Ultraman (カオスウルトラマン Kaosu Urutoraman)/Chaos Ultraman Calamity (カオスウルトラマンカラミティ Kaosu Urutoraman Karamiti) was a dark clone of Ultraman Cosmos that was summoned with the hero after Musashi was infected by Chaos Organisms. This vile warrior of evil was capable of matching the guardian’s moves, able to fight back unlike that of any other agent of Chaos and he outlasted the guardian, surviving as Ultraman Cosmos ran out of energy.

Chaos Ultraman

Chaos Ultraman

  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 42,000 t
  • Origin: Near Treasure base
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Time Limit: None (Chaos Ultraman's Color Timer only started blinking after he had used large amounts of energy in his fight against Cosmos.)
  • Dark Bullet (ダークブレット Dāku Buretto): Chaos Ultraman can fire missile-strength energy blasts from his hands.
  • Darking Shot (ダーキングショット Dākingu Shotto): Chaos Ultraman's version of the Naybuster Beam.
  • Invading Wave (インベーディングウェーブ Inbēdingu Uēbu): Chaos Ultraman's version of the Blazing Wave.
  • Chaos Prominence (カオスプロミネンス Kaosu Purominensu): Chaos Ultraman's version of the Prominence Ball.
  • Darkness Wheel (ダークネスウィール Dākunesu Uīru): Chaos Ultraman can use blasts made of its body to infect others with Chaos Organism as well as wear down force fields. It's said that Chaos Ultraman can make 50 monsters become Chaos forms at once.
  • Speed: Chaos Ultraman can move at incredible speed for brief period of time like Cosmos, for example, numerous back flips at blinding speeds like a large buzzsaw.
  • Chaosroid Summon: In New Ultraman Retsuden, Chaos Ultraman can summon two Chaosroids, U and T to assist him. It is unknown why he didn't summon Chaosdroid S.
  • Chaos Cloud: Chaos Ultraman can reduce himself into a cloud of Chaos Organisms. This can also be used for sneak attacks.
  • Dark Beam: Chaos Ultraman can fire a dark beam from his right hand.

Chaos Ultraman Calamity

Chaos Ultraman Calamity

  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 42,000 t
  • Origin: P87 point
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Time Limit: Unlimited
  • Calamium Shot (カラミュームショット Karamyūmu Shotto): Due to him being a copy of Ultraman Cosmos Eclipse Mode, he is able to fire a dark version of Cosmium Beam.
  • Calamium Blade (カラミュームブレード Karamyūmu Burēdo): Chaos Ultraman's version of the Eclipse Blade.
  • Breaking Smash (ブレイキングスマッシュ Bureikingu Sumasshu): A more powerful form of the Dark Bullets, this one can be charged up and fired in succession. Chaos Ultraman Calamity's version of the Eclipse Spark.
  • Darkness Wheel (ダークネスウィール Dākunesu Uīru): Chaos Ultraman Calamity can use blasts made of its body to infect others with Chaos Organism as well as wear down force fields.
  • Chaos Dark Barrier: An equal to Ultraman Cosmos’ Golden Light Barrier, he can use this to block attacks or send it forward, weakening whatever it hits.
  • Energy Deflect: When needed, Chaos Ultraman Calamity can deflect energy blasts with his hands.
  • Chaos Cloud: Chaos Ultraman Calamity can reduce himself into a cloud of Chaos Organisms. This can also be used for sneak attacks.
  • Speed: Chaos Ultraman Calamity can move at incredible speed for brief period of time like Cosmos, for example, numerous back flips at blinding speeds like a large buzzsaw.
  • Energy Blasts: Chaos Ultraman Calamity can fire blasts of energy from his hands.

Chaos Darkness

First appearing on the Moon after Chaos Ultraman's final defeat, Chaos Darkness (カオスダークネス Kaosu Dākunesu) was the true face and might of the Chaos Organism, comprised of all the Chaos Organism particles that rested in outer parts of the solar system. This form was born of the Chaos Header's hatred for Ultraman Cosmos for his constant interfering in its goals and destroying portions of its being.

  • Height: 70 m
  • Weight: 76,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Chaos Light Bullet: Chaos Darkness can unleash energy blasts from his hands. Each one can cause large explosions, covering several city blocks with fire as they tear through structures with little impunity.
    • Dark Destroyer (ダークデストロイヤー Dāku Desutoroiyā): Chaos Darkness can charge up and fire a massive energy ball from his hands. This attack has tremendous force behind it, pushing back whatever it hits hundreds of yards. It even shattered Cosmos' Golden Light Barrier.
    • Crimson Break (クリムゾンブレーク Kurimuzon Burēku): Chaos Darkness can unleash red energy blasts from his hands. First used on the moon, and shot into the ground creating a large fissure.
  • Wave Bullet: Chaos Darkness has superb telekinetic abilities, allowing him to lift up enemies with his mind and throw them around as if they were rag dolls. This form of his is has a purple hue to it.
  • Barrier: When needed Chaos Darkness can put up a purple energy barrier that protects him from attacks.
  • Chaos Organisms: Chaos Darkness is the true face of the Chaos Organisms, the Chaos Headers, Chaos Monsters and Chaos Ultraman were all just his projections.
  • Durability: Chaos Darkness could withstand the Prominence Wave, though he was still pushed, and was even resistant to the Luna End, although he was eventually purified. Also, Chaos Darkness was able to survive Chaos Chimera missiles, the missile that holds the fiend's main weakness.

Chaos Header 0

Chaos Header 0

Chaos Header 0 (カオスヘッダー0 Kaosu Heddā Zero) appears at the end of Ultraman Cosmos and makes a cameo in Ultraman Saga. It is the intelligence of the Chaos Organisms purified after they had taken on the form of Chaos Darkness.

  • Height: 69 m
  • Weight: 64,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Chaos Cloud: Chaos Header 0 can reduce himself into a cloud of yellow Chaos Organisms.

In Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, Chaos Header 0 was brainwashed by Alien Mefilas into his villainous ways and was used to further the alien's plans for Earth domination. Chaos Header became the upgraded version of his original final form, Neo Chaos Darkness (ネオカオスダークネス Neo Kaosu Dakkunesu) and Neo Chaos Darkness II (ネオカオスダークネスII Neo Kaosu Dakkunesu II), once Mefilas merged himself with the intity's chest.

Neo Chaos Darkness

Neo Chaos Darkness

  • Height: 77 m
  • Weight: 84,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Wings: The wings on his back changes from a bird-like wing (see Chaos Darkness) into the ones that resembles a torn bat or a demon.
  • Darkness Strike: Neo Chaos Darkness can stab opponents using his claw then bring them to the sky before dropping the enemies to the ground.
  • Neo Chaos Destroyer (ネオカオスデストロイヤー Neo Kaosu Desutoroiyā): Neo Chaos Darkness can fire a massive energy shot from his mouth. It can vaporize even the strongest of enemies.

Neo Chaos Darkness II

Neo Chaos Darkness II

Powers and Weapons
  • Eternal Darkness Forever: Neo Chaos Darkness II can swallow enemies, putting them into the Neo Chaos Darkness II body that traps them in eternal darkness inside his body.
  • Size Change: Neo Chaos Darkness II can change his size from 55 meters to 100 meters.
  • Chaos City (カオスシティ Kaosu Shiti): Neo Chaos Darkness II can corrupt an entire city into extensions of his own essence.

The Chaosroids (カオスロイド Kaosuroido) were created by Alien Mefilas using Chaos Header in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth episode 12 "The M78 Complete Destruction Plan". As copies of three Ultra Brothers (Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Taro) and they were sent to lay waste on the Land of Light so Mefilas could conquer it.

Chaosroid S

Chaosroid S

Chaosroid S (カオスロイドS Kaosuroido Esu) is the Chaosroid that is modeled after Ultraseven's appearance and abilities.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Wide Shot Copy (ワイドショット・コピー Waido Shotto Kopī): Chaosroid S can a fire a red colored version of Ultraseven's Wide Shot.
  • Chaos Eye Beam: Chaosroid S can fire a small beam from his eyes exactly like Ultraseven's Eye Beam.
  • Emerium Copy (エメリウム・コピー Emeriumu Kopī): Chaosroid S can fire a dark version of the Emerium Beam that is purple in color.
  • Chaoslugger (カオスラッガー Kaosuraggā): Like Ultraseven's Eye Slugger, Chaosroid S can launch his Chaosluggers from his head as a weapon. It can be duplicated and if lost a new one can be conjured in its place.
  • Ultra Key: Stolen from the Ultra Tower, its power can destroy a planet in one shot.
  • Psychic Power: Chaosroid S possesses powerful psychic abilities that can levitate enemies.

Chaosroid T

Chaosroid T

Chaosroid T (カオスロイドT Kaosuroido Ti) is the Chaosroid that is modeled after Ultraman Taro's appearance and abilities.

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Chaos Strium Beam (カオスストリウム光線 Kaosu Sutoriumu Kōsen): Chaosroid T can fire an dark version of the Strium Beam that is purple or red in color.
  • Chaos Dynamite (カオスダイナマイト Kaosu Dainamaito): Like Ultraman Taro's Ultra Dynamite, Chaosroid T can use a dark version of the Ultra Dynamite that is purple in color.
  • Chaos Arrow Ray: Chaosroid T can fire explosive energy arrows from the sides of his head exactly like Ultraman Taro's Arrow Ray.
  • Ultra Bell: Stolen from the Ultra Tower. It can make a deafening noise to anyone who hears it.

Chaosroid U

Chaosroid U

Chaosroid U (カオスロイドU Kaosuroido Yū) is the Chaosroid that is modeled after Ultraman's appearance and abilities.

  • Height: 40 m[1]
  • Weight: 35,000 t[1]
  • Catch Ring Copy (キャッチリング・コピー Kyatchi Ringu Kopī): The dark version of Ultraman's Catch-Rings but purple in color.
  • Chaos Slash (カオススラッシュ Kaosu Surasshu)/Chaos Dismembering Halo (カオス八つ裂き光輪 Kaosu Yatsuzaki Kōrin)[1]: A larger version of Ultraman's Ultra Slash that is purple in color. It is formed from Chaosroid U's entire right arm and will return to his arm if it does not hit its intended target. In Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!, the Chaos Slash is simply a red version of Ultraman's Ultra Slash.
  • Chaos Spacium Beam (カオススペシウム光線 Kaosu Supeshiumu Kōsen):[1] A dark version of Ultraman's Spacium Beam. It is purple with swirls of energy in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth and red in Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!.
  • Chaos Slash Ray: Chaosroid U can fire Ultraman's Slash Ray and it does not seem to be any different to the original.
  • Strength: Chaosroid U most likely possesses Ultraman's ability to mentally augment his strength.


Main article: :Category:Chaos Organism Victims

In the series, monsters affected by Chaos Header are either mutated or cloned into corrupted versions of themselves, known as Chaos Monsters (カオス怪獣 Kaosu Kaijū). The symptoms of a monster infected with the Chaos Virus are most of the time, red eyes, altered body parts with bits of 'junk' and a seeming increase in aggression. All the later forms of Chaos Header have these powers, they can transform into a cloud of these or generate a cluster to infect others.

Chaos Monsters


Other Media

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Chaos Header appeared in this game where he has been revived and allies himself with Alien Mefilas in order for the creation of Chaosroids.

Chaos Darkness also appeared as playable character in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth video game. He appeared in episode 13 and can be unlocked and is playable. His first form called "Neo Chaos Darkness" and last his final form is called "Neo Chaos Darkness II" resulted when Mefilas himself fused with him and cannot be unlocked. He only appears as the final boss of the game and died after purified by Ultraman Cosmos via the teamwork effort of Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Gaia, and Ultraman Agul. Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Ultraman Zero & All-Star Ultraman: Transcendence!! Ultra League

In this magazine story, Chaos Header was corrupted back into Chaos Darkness by Dark Zagi and sent to the Land of Light as Chaos Ultraman to steal Ultraman Zero's Ultimate Bracelet. While there he transformed into Chaos Ultraman Calamity and took it with little impunity by was purified by Cosmos. Freed of the darkness he revealed that the mastermind of the plot was Dark Zagi.

New Ultraman Retsuden

In episode 37, Chaos Header appeared in a delusion induced by the Spark Dolls Troupe as Chaos Ultraman and split himself up with Chaosroids T and U. Soon enough, Black King, Kemur, and Ragon appeared to challenge them. They were all taken out, and exploded soon after, quickly; Chaosroid T by Kemur's goo, Chaosroid U by Ragon's radioactive ray, and Chaos Ultraman by Black King's Hell Magma.


  • Chaos Header is very similar to Ultraman Great's nemesis Gudis, both were viral lifeforms that plagued the cosmos by infecting and creating monsters.
  • One of Chaos Header's form name, Iblis comes from the Malaysian language and Arabic language for King of Demon.
  • Chaos Darkness is the one of the few antagonistic monsters to have good inside of it.
  • Chaos Darkness's costume was a modified Chaos Header Iblis's costume.
  • When Chaos Header 0 first appeared and left he bore a distinctly angelic but masculine form and voice. However in Ultraman Saga, Chaos Header had a much more feminine body and behavior. This was done on purpose by the designers to invoke the image of a goddess.
  • Chaos Header is the only known final antagonist in an Ultraman Series to turn good at the end.
  • Chaos Ultraman's roars is a reused of Golza's and Pazuzu's roars.
  • Chaos Ultraman is unique among evil and imitation Ultras, while not being a true Ultra he is still a being of light as he is a Chaos Organism clone of Ultraman Cosmos.
    • He is also the first Evil and Imitation Ultra not to use grunts but instead roars.
  • Chaos Ultraman is modeled after Ultraman Cosmos' Corona Mode and Chaos Ultraman Calamity is modeled after Eclipse Mode.
    • The reason why Chaos Header imitated Cosmos' Corona Mode instead of Luna Mode because Luna Mode means calm while Corona Mode means aggressive which mirrors Chaos Header's nature.
    • While Chaos Ultraman Calamity is mostly considered as a copy of Cosmos' Eclipse Mode, the body seems to resembles more of that of Cosmos' Luna Mode.
  • The Chaosroids are some of the few dark Ultras to fight in the Dark Spark War.
  • Chaos Header, as Chaos Ultraman, along with Neldorand II, was referenced by the Spark Dolls Troupe in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 37.


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