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Chant My Name! (ご唱和ください、我の名を! Goshōwa Kudasai, Ware no Na wo!) is the first episode of Ultraman Z.


Haruki Natsukawa is a pilot for Global Allied Forces Japan’s robot unit, STORAGE. As he fights day and night to keep the peace on Earth, a new Ultra Hero alights before him! That hero’s name is Ultraman Z. He’s a hot-blooded hero who introduces himself as the disciple of Ultraman Zero. In the face of the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg’s onslaught, the two imperiled heroes become one, and the story of Ultraman Z begins!



In Chōfu, Tokyo, Gomess' attack on its citizens forced STORAGE to take action with their towering Sevenger piloted by Yoko while Haruki doing the ground mission. The plan was to lure Gomess to a nearby park, but Haruki's part in saving a dog only leads to the monster eyeing on the two. Yoko was forced to fling Gomess to the Chofu City Cultural Hall Tazukuri and she falls after Sevenger loses balance, further destroying the hall. After a short nagging from Kuriyama, Haruki was further reprimanded by Hebikura, wanting the youth to consider his life as well when saving others.

Meanwhile in space, Zero is accompanied by Z in a chase against a shark monster that had just stole the Z Riser and Ultra Medals. To his surprise, one of the things that said monster regurgitated was Bullton. Before being sucked into a portal, Zero was forced to give Z his Z Riser and three Ultra Medals, trusting his apprentice with the mission to retrieve the stolen items.

In the middle of rubble removal with Sevenger, Haruki was notified of an incoming monster approaching Sugihara Ward. Despite a brief confusion, Haruki and Z came to the conclusion of supporting each others in fighting the space monster and eventually loses his life from defending the Shinkoyo Elementary/evacuation shelter. In an unnamed dimension, Z revealed to have revived the youth by merging and sought his help in using the Z Riser. Z eventually returns to the real world, where his Color Timer recharged and sporting the new form Alpha Edge. Using the powers of three generation master-apprentice chain, they managed to destroy the space monster with a single blast. Z reminded Haruki that he needs to reclaim all the dispersed medals from the monster's destruction, but was forced out of transformation before he can receive further information.

Finding himself in the real world again, Haruki managed to salvage Ace and Taro's Medals while Yoko claimed Ultraman's Medal. The two officers reunited as Haruki revealed the giant's name as "Ultraman Z", as well as the fact that he managed to survive Sevenger's destruction. Unbeknownst to the two, an obscured figure observed them from a safe distance and revealed to have collected Tiga, Dyna and Gaia Medals.

At night, members of the Monster Research Center are delivering 39 canisters of Genegarg (the space monster)'s remains. Shinya accidentally tripped his canister, but while trying to clean up the mess, an alien creature jumped into his face and possessed him.

Haruki's Ultra-navi

  • Haruki: Haruki's Ultra-navi! 'Kay! Today we're showing this!
  • Z Riser: Zero!
  • Z: The mentor I ultra-admire, Ultraman Zero! He fights with Ultraseven's beam attacks and the Space Martial Arts learned from Ultraman Leo.
  • Z: Next up is...
  • Z Riser: Genegarg!
  • Haruki: This monster is Genegarg! It's a ferocious monster from space that spews things from its mouth!

Ultraman Z and Ultraman Zero Voice Drama

Z VD 1.png

Z and Zero's Meeting (ゼットとゼロの出会いの話 Zetto to Zero no Deai no Hanashi)

Z explains how he met Zero and asked to be his student. Zero declines at first, but unable to resist Z's constant praising and noisy attitude, he reluctantly took the eager Ultra as his own.


  • Haruki Natsukawa (ナツカワ ハルキ Natsukawa Haruki): Koshu Hirano (平野 宏周 Hirano Kōshū)
  • Yoko Nakashima (ナカシマ ヨウコ Nakashima Yōko): Rima Matsuda (松田リマ Matsuda Rima)
  • Yuka Ohta (オオタ ユカ Ōta Yuka): Hikari Kuroki (黒木ひかり Kuroki Hikari)
  • Shota Hebikura (ヘビクラ ショウタ Hebikura Shōta): Takaya Aoyagi (青柳 尊哉 Aoyagi Takaya)
  • Shinya Kaburagi (カブラギ シンヤ Kaburagi Shin'ya): Rihito Noda (野田理人 Noda Rihito)
  • Director Kuriyama (クリヤマ長官 Kuriyama Chokan): Hisahiro Ogura (小倉 久寛 Ogura Hisahiro)
  • Satoshi (サトシ): Reo Satou (佐藤 玲央 Satō Reo)
  • Seiji (セイジ): Fuuma Tsunoda (角田 楓馬 Tsunoda Fūma)
  • Hiroshi (ヒロシ): Daichi Takaoka (高岡 大地 Takaoka Daichi)

Guest Actors

  • Unnamed researcher: Kota Fukihara.[1]

Voice Actors

  • Ultraman Z (ウルトラマンゼット Urutoraman Zetto): Tasuku Hatanaka (畠中 祐 Hatanaka Tasuku)
  • Ultraman Zero (ウルトラマンゼロ Urutoraman Zero): Mamoru Miyano (宮野 真守 Miyano Mamoru)
  • AI voice (AI 音声 AI Onsei): Katsumi Fukuhara (福原 かつみ Fukuhara Katsumi)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Z: Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田 栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi)
  • Ultraman Zero: Satoru Okabe (岡部 暁 Okabe Satoru)
  • Sevenger: Kenji Kajikawa (梶川 賢司 Kajikawa Kenji)
  • Genegarg: Yoshiki Kuwahara (桑原 義樹 Kuwahara Yoshiki)
  • Gomess: Hiroyuki Arai (新井 宏幸 Arai Hiroyuki)





Original title

  • The official English title was originally "I Ask That You Chant My Name!".
  • The episode's title is a reference to the show's opening theme, as well as Z's catchphrase before Haruki transforms.
  • When Bullton disappears into its wormhole, the light it gives off is very similar to a phenomenon that occurs when Bullton harasses the SSSP in Passport to Infinity.
  • The scene where Z revives Haruki mimics how Ultraman revived Shin Hayata.
  • Gomess' attack and its fight with Sevenger took place in the vicinity of BicCamera KEIO CHOFU Store. Director Kiyotaka Taguchi was fearful that he would be angered by the workers during his visit to said location. Instead, he discovers a peculiar soft vinyl stall within the toy section of that building which has a soft vinyl of Gomess photoshopped into a picture of said building. This is perhaps the entire complex giving their tribute to the episode and the Ultraman Series as a whole.[2]
    • At that time, fans took it up by jokingly assuming that after Gomess and Sevenger's battle, the building and Chofu City Cultural Hall Tazukuri (the one which Yoko accidentally wrecked) was quickly restored to normal and operating as usual.[3][4][5]
  • Following Kota Fukihara's passing in May 18, his cameo in this episode is considered as a posthumous role in this series.


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