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Chandora (チャンドラー Chandorā), also known as Chandlar, is an ancient Kaiju that appeared on an island. The two known specimen were killed by Red King(s).

Subtitle: Winged Monster (有翼怪獣 Yū Yoku Kaijū)



Although Chandora's origins are uncertain, he was seen in battle against Red King, suggesting that they have a heated rivalry. The battle appears to be a tie as both monster's traits matches the other's in strength (Chandora's wind gusts vs. Red King's massive strength). However after Chandora draws blood by biting Red King's shoulder, Red King tears off Chandora's right wing, causing him to wander away in pain. He was never seen again after this. It's assumed he ultimately experienced one of three fates - Either he bled out and died of his wounds, somehow managed to escape and hide, or was taken down by the SSSP off camera. The Lawless Monster Zone


  • Suit actor: Yukihiro Seino
  • The suit of the monster is actually a loosely modified Peguila suit. (The only changes are that Chandora has ears and extra horns.). Chandora's additional horns are actually recycled from Pagos' tusks.
    • Tohl has stated that unlike other Kaiju, Chandora was just cosmetically changed with no concept art.
  • Chandora's roar is a combination of a Baragon and a reused King Kong roar, with the "tchhh" part of Pagos' roar at the beginning.
  • According to Tohl Narita, there was no concept art for Chandora, as he just told the monster suit makers what to do.
  • Chandora is the first monster in the Ultraman Series to cause another to bleed.
  • In the PHVS Set we can see Ultraman vs Chandora although in the series they never faced each other.
  • In the first episode of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, a model of Chandora's skeleton be seen. Also, when Oki shows Kumano Chandora, a picture of him can be seen from his first appearance.
  • Chandora is one of few monsters that Ultraman does not fight, the others are Banila, Guigass, and Dorako.
  • According to a magazine scene Chandora was amongst a monster army lead by Dark Zagi when he attacked the Nebula M78 Ultras. Chandora fought Ultraman Noa while flanked by Alien Baltan, Telesdon and Snowgon.
  • Chandora's wings suggest flight but this never happened on-screen.
  • Though his fate in the series remains unknown, in the manga Ultraman Story 0, Chandora is amongst the monsters revived by Geronimon for his monster army, indicating Chandora did indeed die in the main series (however Ultraman Story 0 is considered non-canon so details like this are disputable).

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Powered Chandora

The descendent of an ancient prehistoric species, Powered Chandora (パワードチャンドラ Pawādo Chandora) was found in South America when researchers found him. However, after much documentation, it seemed as though Chandora was no different than a typical flightless bird other than his size. However, that was about to change when the female Red King appeared from the other side of the hill looking for a fight and found Chandora. For over a minute the battle consisted of only pushing until the female Red King used her tail to knock Chandora down only for him to get back up. The battle for the territory of the two giants went on for some time with neither one of them gaining an advantage over the other. By the time WINR arrived in the TMC, the female Red King had clawed Chandora to death and was now hunting the researchers in a nearby cave.


  • In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Chandora did not look like a bat. This Chandora resembled more of a dragon or bird-type creature. His wings and arms were also thinner and he had horns that went from his head down to his back. This Chandora was also dark turquoise in color as opposed to the original's color of dark brown.
  • Chandora's roar was the same as in the original Ultraman with Magular's mixed in (possibly to compensate for Magular's absence in the series).
  • Much like the original Ultraman's case, Chandora is the only monster in this series which does not fight Ultraman Powered.
  • In the series, Chandora is called Chondra instead.




  • Height: 36 m
  • Weight: 15,000 t
  • Origin: Tatara Island
Powers and Weapons
  • Wings: Chandora can flap his wings at high speeds to create massive winds.
  • Fangs: Chandora can attack with its fangs.

Powered Chandora

Powered Chandora.png

  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 18,000 t
  • Origin: Guiana Highlands
Powers and Weapons
  • Powered Chandora does not have any known powers, but it could probably use its beak to fight.


In akin to the original Ultraman, the Bandai figure was modified from the Peguila figure.




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