Not to be confused wth the Jumborg Ace kaiju, ChameleonKing.

Chameleking 2
Home world: Yapool's Dimension
First Appearance: Ultraman Ace episode 2 "Beyond the Giant Choju"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 50 m
2 ~ 20 m (Egg form)
Weight: 45,000 t
Category: Choju
Affiliation: Yapool (Master)
Beryudora (Body part)
Roar(s): TBA

Chameleking (カメレキング Kamerekingu) is a choju that appeared in the TV series Ultraman Ace. He apperared in episode 2.

Subtitle: Ancient Super Monster (古代超獣 Kodai Chōjū)


  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t
  • Origin: Yapool's dimension → Tokyo


Ultraman Ace

Chameleking was the next choju to appear on Earth following the defeat of Velokron, as a giant egg in a construction site,planted there by Yapool. A man examined the egg, only for it to suck him into it and burrow underground before TAC could investigate. Later, their radar picked up a UFO, which was Chameleking's egg which has grown in size and was somehow capable of flight. Although shots were fired, the egg was unharmed. Later that night, the egg destroyed a jumbo jet, alerting TAC. TAC deployed to find a way to stop it but their attacks did nothing to defeat it. The egg landed on top of a skyscraper and Hokuto kept firing on it but he stopped due to the possibility of the surrounding people being harmed. Meanwhile, Yapool decided to summon a second egg as the other somehow attracted it. The two eggs merged and became a giant super egg. After a TAC meeting, they found out that egg suposedly sunk Atlantis and Ancient Egypt wrote of the creature and its egg. They tried to destroy the egg, only for Chameleking to hatch.

TAC was quick to assault the terrible monster, but their weapons did little to deter the behemoth from attacking the surrounding buildings. It unleashed hurricane force winds on the city, blowing cars and buildings away. TAC knew they had to attack the monster head-on. The captain decided to attack the monster but the missiles got jammed. Fortunately, Hokuto and Minami turned into Ultraman Ace. The monster retaliated with such force, that it is a better melee monster than Verokron. Ultimately, Ace rips off its wings and kills it with the Metallium Ray.




Before it hatches, Chameleking takes form of a giant egg.

  • Height: 2 ~ 20 m
  • Weight: ??? t
  • Origin: Tokyo
Powers and Weapons
  • Growth: The egg can grow from 2 meters to 20 meters.
  • Teleportation: The egg can teleport at will, even escaping death from Hokuto.
  • Absorption: The egg can absorb (and presumbly kill and destroy by doing so) things from a construction worker to a commerical airplane.
  • Flight: The egg form can fly at moderate speed.
  • Beam: The egg can fire a cresent shaped beam, capable of destruction.
  • Combination: This egg can combine with the egg of a space pterosaur.

  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t
  • Origin: Tokyo
Powers and Weapons
  • Mist Spray: Chameleking can exhale a white misty spray from his mouth, unknown in strength.
  • Hurricane Winds: Thanks to his wings, Chameleking can create hurricane-like winds by flapping his wings.
  • Flight: Chameleking can fly at moderate speeds with his wings.

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