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Challenge from the Year 2020 (2020年の挑戦 Nisen-nijū-nen no Chōsen) is the nineteenth episode of Ultra Q.


Following the sighting of a UFO and the destruction of two J.S.D.F jets sent to investigate, a series of strange disappearances plagues Tokyo. When Yuriko witnesses a woman vanish before her eyes, she begins her own investigation. As Jun and Major Amano scout the area where the planes were shot down, Jun suddenly vanishes from the cockpit of his own Cessna. A strange, jelly-like substance that appears before each disappearance attacks Yuriko in a phone booth, but she escapes with the help of an eccentric investigator named Udagawa. Udagawa tells her that he has been tracking the alien, Kemur, who has been abducting humans in order to disguise its true form. Ippei notes that Udagawa's story is so closely related to the science fiction novel "Challenge of the Year 2020" as to be unbelievable. After kidnapping Yuriko, Kemur appears and escapes from Udagawa and the police. Ippei and Major Amano observe that in the novel, the alien is defeated by the X-channel light ray invented by Dr. Kanda. Upon searching the deserted residence of the real Dr. Kanda, they discover a K-miniode fuse, which they implement atop Tokyo Tower. Yuriko awakens at an amusement park and is confronted by Jun, which turns out to be Kemur in disguise. When Udagawa and the police arrive, they shoot the extra-terrestrial and it grows to gigantic proportions. Kemur proceeds to destroy the park, until it is struck down by the concentrated beam of the X-channel ray fired from Tokyo Tower. The alien's body vanishes and the people that were abducted re-emerge into their own dimension. All seems well until a curious Udagawa spies a puddle of liquid and steps into it.


  • Jun Manjome (万城目淳 Manjome Jun): Kenji Sahara (佐原 健二 Sahara Kenji)
  • Yuriko Edogawa (江戸川由利子 Edogawa Yuriko): Hiroko Sakurai (桜井 浩子 Sakurai Hiroko)
  • Ippei Togawa (戸川一平 Togawa Ippei): Yasuhiko Saijo (西條 康彦 Saijo Yasuhiko)
  • Seki (関デスク Seki desk): Yoshibumi Tajima (田島 義文 Tajima Yoshibumi)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Koji Ishizaka (石坂 浩二 Ishizaka Koji)

Guest Cast

  • Amano Lieutenant Colonel (天野二等空佐 Amano-nito kusa): Akiji Kobayashi (小林 昭二 Kobayashi Akiji)
  • Udagawa detective (宇佐川刑事 Udagawa-keiji): Kan Yanagiya (柳谷 寛 Yanagiya Kan)
  • Air Self-Defense Force’s Staff (航空自衛隊幕僚 Kokujieitai bakuryo): Ryuzo Takamine (高峰 竜三 Takamine Ryuzo)
  • Tomota reporter (友田記者 Tomota-kisha): Yasuo Tsuchiya (土屋 靖雄 Tsuchiya Yasuo)(credited as 靖男)
  • Man at the edge of the pool (プール端の男 puru hashi no otoko): Takeshi Ishima (石間 健史 Ishima Takeshi)
  • Lady (淑女 Shukujo): Keiko Nakata (中田 啓子 Nakata Keiko)
  • Watanabe cameraman (渡辺カメラマン Watanabe-kameramann): Osamu Kurebayashi (暮林 修 Kurebayashi Osamu)
  • Go-kart's model (ゴーカートのモデル Goukato no moderu): Misa Maki (真木 みさ Maki Misa)
  • Man disappearing in the pool (プールで消える男 puru de kieru otoko): Kazuo Narita (成田 一夫 Narita Kazuo)
  • Man in a mountain lodge (山荘の男 sanso no otoko): Hideki Furukawa (古河 秀樹 Furukawa Hideki)
  • Woman in a mountain lodge (山荘の女 sanso no onna): Soya Kondo (近藤 征矢 Kondo Soya)
  • Woman who decorated the cover (本の表紙の女 Hon no Hyoshi no onna): Wakako Tanabe (田辺 和佳子 Tanabe Wakako)

Suit Actors



Home Media

Ultra Q Volume 5 features episodes 17-20, while the Total Natural Color DVD Volume 6 features episodes 18-21.


  • In what's called The Second Cool, Phantom Monster Showdown, a Kemur was meant to return to fight Pagos and Garamon in a fight labeled Tokyo Tsunami.
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