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Ceremonial Bonfire (送り火 Okuribi) is a race that appeared in episode 10 of the horror drama Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy. The first Ceremonial Bonfire was named Hitaki (ヒタキ) and Hitaki's friend, another Ceremonial Bonfire, was named Akame (赤目).

Subtitle: None


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

The race who is in charge of human death, they will let people see the genfuukei before they dies, giving them a peaceful death. Ceremonial Bonfire will take away the money from the deceased to live on. As they don't want people to remember about their identity so they erase themselves from the deceased's past in the memory, and there will be no genfuukei in the memory.

A Ceremonial Bonfire boy called Hitaki that knows Ryo named the genfuukei as "Motherland". After saying goodbye Ryo, he disappeared with his friend called Akame.


  • Genfuukei is an indelible scene of one's childhood, earliest remembered scene.
  • The screenwriter Ai Ota start conceiving the content of this episode since the time of Ultraman Tiga.
  • Director Harada that suffered from health problems in old age thinks that Ceremonial Bonfire was very important as it was able to help people to eliminate the pain before dead.
  • The name of Hitaka comes from the name of a species of bird called (ヒタキ上科, Hitaki jouka), scientific name Muscicapoidea.
  • Hitaki was played by Makoto Kamijo.
    • The theme of this episode is "The moment when the teenager becomes an adult", so Makoto Kamijo is choosed to play the Hitaki as his age was appropriate.
    • Screenwriter Ota Ai and director Harada Masahiro liked him very much since filming "Booska! Booska!!" and worked together on many works.
  • Akame was played by Susume Suō.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Genfuukei Sight: They're able to bring someone to their genfuukei before they die.
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