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"Kiete karekareta."

―Common phrase said by Celebro.

Celebro (セレブロ Sereburo) is a parasitic alien life form and the main antagonist of Ultraman Z.[1]

Subtitle: Parasitic Lifeform (寄生生物 Kisei Seibutsu)[2]



Celebro's name is based on "Cerebro", the Spanish/Portuguese for "brain".


Celebro's reason of participating with the Z Riser and the Kaiju Medals he created is for treating everything as a game, regardless if its enjoyable or not to his own viewpoint. He has a habit of phrasing the Space Language Kiete karekareta[1] (キエテ・カレカレータ Kiete Karekarēta lit. "I'm feeling good") As seen later on in the series, Celebro also finds enjoyment in the chaos he made out of the pettiest reasons; one particular instance being unleashing Bullton to the STORAGE headquarters as he was incapable of fathoming the idea of someone else having a blast. It is also demonstrated that Celebro is possessive of his Kaiju Medals, especially the Belial Medal, and losing it to Haruki drove the alien to a sanity slippage.


Pre-Ultraman Z

"I've enjoyed many planets so far, but this moment always excites me. It's a wonderful spectacle. To see fools destroyed by a weapon of their own making, and to hear their cries of agony! I implant fear into planets with civilizations. They make weapon after weapon to defend themselves, and finally, with a weapon they created, they destroy their own civilization. I have a name for it - The Civilization Self-Destruction Game!"

―Celebro, Ultraman Z episode 24, The Game to Extinction

Celebro is an alien who enacted the Civilization Self-Destruction Game for the sake of his own entertainment. He did this by goading various civilization into strengthening their arms and waited for the right time to turn their own technological advancement against their creators. The Game to Extinction The atrocities he made earn him a notoriety in the outer space, as his name is also heard of by Jugglus Juggler. Four-Dimensional Capriccio

At least a decade before Ultraman Z, Celebro was indirectly responsible for the modification of Grigio Raiden as one of the many results of his intervention in space civilizations. The alien parasite sent Raiden to Planet Earth where mankind would study the monster's physiology as the foundation of SC Units and eventually leading to the formation of STORAGE. The Game to Extinction Re:STORAGE

Some time after the Ultra League went to deal with Absolute Tartarus and his minions, Celebro possessed a Genegarg[3] to attack the Land of Light, managing to steal the Z Riser and Ultra Medals[4]. After receiving an Ultra Sign from Ultraman Hikari, Ultraman Z and Ultraman Zero give chase to Genegarg and pursue it to Planet Earth. The Appearance

Ultraman Z

Upon Genegarg's destruction by Ultraman Z, Celebro survived within its remains and took possession of a Monster Research Center member Shinya Kaburagi as his host.[4]

Using Kaburagi as a corporeal form, Celebro manufactured Kaiju Medals and enjoying the chaos brought by monster attacks. On certain occasions, he transform into monsters to test their powers or fight the Ultra Warriors on a basis. Unfortunately as Celebro did very little to hide his involvements, this caused the GAFJ to issue an arrest warrant for his illegal activities. At some point after Metsuboros' death, Kaburagi's body took a huge toll as a result from multiple injuries he sustained beforehand. With the silent help of Juggler, he possessed Captain Asano of GAFJ's Police Department and pin Kaburagi as the scapegoat to all of his atrocities. Beliarok

Several days later when GAFJ openly indulge into the D4 superweapon experimentation, Celebro shift his possession into Kuriyama to authorize said weapon's usage despite its destructive power and protest from STORAGE. With Kuriyama as his cover, Celebro had STORAGE disbanded, replacing them under SAAG and overseeing the creation of Ultroid Zero. D4 Individual Tomorrows Prelude to a Nightmare When Juggler made his move to steal the Ultroid for his personal gain, Celebro/Kuriyama duel against Juggler/Zeppandon over the robot's ownership and even using Haruki's life as a bargaining chip. After the incident, he framed the entire former STORAGE members as disguised aliens through Juggler's footage alone and body-surfed into Yoko Nakashima. Celebro uses her to hijack the Ultroid Zero into absorbing six monsters across the globe and finally mutating the mecha into Destrudos.

The newly formed abomination made a short work on Z by using the D4 Ray against him before proceeding to terrorize major cities across the world. The Game to Extinction Destrudos returned to Japan once sensing STORAGE's reformation, fighting against the SAA units. Haruki/King Joe SC brute forced its Pedanium Hammer into Yoko's cockpit, where she managed to expel the alien parasite from his control and reclaim the Belial Medal for Haruki to transform into Z Delta Rise Claw. Even without a pilot, Celebro opted for possessing the abomination instead in his final stand and defeated when Z/Haruki unleashed their Zestium Beam's full power.

Destrudos was destroyed, and Celebro once again survived but Juggler prevented its escape long enough for Yuka and Kaburagi to capture the parasite for dissection. Warriors Shining Beyond Re:STORAGE

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Celebro somehow escaped from his capture and started to wander the Multiverse, searching for a way to control monsters again. Because of that, he ended up in Ultraman Trigger's world where he came in contact with the Leyrah and decided to cooperate with them as they had what he wanted. Celebro was chased by Haruki and Z, who arrived in that world hunting him down.

While GUTS-Select and Haruki were searching for one of Ultraman Trigger's dispersed GUTS Hyper Keys, Celebro possessed one of the Leyrah cultists, who happened to have the Multi Type Key. Haruki and Kengo chased him down and forced him to give up the key, but Celebro had already entered another host, who came up towards Haruki and knocked him out from behind. Celebro then went into Haruki while he was still unconscious. He decided to exert his influence just after Z and Trigger had just defeated Genegarg and Deathdrago, forcing Z to go under his control in his Red Damage state. He attacked and defeated Trigger and shot at Zabil, allowing him to escape and drop his disguise as Ryuichi Tokioka as he prepared for his transformation into Evil Trigger.

As Zabil completed the ritual needed to gain the "light", Celebro, still possessing Haruki, transformed into Z again for security. He attacked the Nursedessei and fought with Trigger Dark when he appeared, until Evil Trigger joined the battle. Kengo managed to recover the GUTS Sparklence and Hyper Keys and joined the battle, successfully helping Haruki expel Celebro from his body, returning Z to normal.

Celebro then decided to possess Leyrah Ibra, who somehow had a Destrudos Medal. Celebro summoned Destrudos to fight against Z and Trigger Dark, overwhelming them until Yuna Shizuma gave Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core at the cost of Yuzare's ring and the Eternity Core's ruins itself but allowed Trigger to become Glitter Trigger Eternity. Trigger Dark and Z fire their finishers at Destrudos and finished it off, leaving both Celebro and Leyrah Ibra defeated and stunned.

Himari Nanase later recaptured Celebro using a net, handing him over to Haruki, who put him in a plastic bag before he returned to his world. Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z



  • Weakness: Due to being an extraterrestrial parasite, Celebro is vulnerable in terms of physical form and needs a host for survival.
Powers and Weapons
  • Intelligence: Celebro is highly knowledgeable in the use of technology. This is evidenced by his ability to produce Kaiju Medals, simply through reverse-engineering of Ultra Medals and making them compatible with the Z Riser.[5]
  • Possession: Because Celebro by his own is physically frail, he is forced to possess other life forms such as Kaiju or humans. His trace of possession is visible on humans, especially when they display erratic movements and having their left eye shining red. In the case of an Ultra host (Haruki in particular), this allows Celebro to expand his influence on the Ultra as well and suppressing their consciousness if necessary.



Ultraman Z



  • Celebro's slogan, "Kiete karekareta" is based on the similar Space Language phrase, Kiete Koshi Kirekirete (キエテ コシ キレキレテlit. "You and I are friends") which was quoted by Mitsuhiro Ide in Ultraman episode 2, Shoot the Invaders!.
    • When he quoted this upon possessing Shinya, the original letters of the Space Language appear in the scene. However, while certain words does match their romanji iterations, the kana elongation in Katakana was lost.
  • In episode 16, Celebro calls Haruki/Z as a thief for taking his Belial Kaiju Medal away from him, despite he himself stole Kaburagi's own body and identity to operate on Earth. Kaburagi's actor, Rihito Noda, also acknowledged the parasite alien's hypocrisy on Twitter.[6]
  • Celebro's prop was made by flipping a Dethmon prop to the backside and place a pair of eyes at the section nearing its tail appendage.


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