Celebro (セレブロ Sereburo) is a parasitic alien slug-like life form and the main antagonist of Ultraman Z.[1]

Subtitle: Parasitic Lifeform (寄生生物 Kisei Seibutsu)[2]



Celebro's name is based on "Cerebro", the Spanish/Portuguese for "brain".


Celebro's reason of participating with the Ultra Z Riser and the Kaiju Medals he created is for treating everything as a game, regardless if its enjoyable or not to his own viewpoint. He has a habit of phrasing the Space Language Kiete Karekareeta (キエテ・カレカレータ Kiete Karekarēta lit. "I'm feeling good").


Ultraman Z

A highly intelligent, yet frail parasitic alien life form, Celebro decided to take advantage of the chaos resulted by the Devil Splinter and uses them to destroy planets.[3]

Celebro possessed Genegarg[4] to steal an Ultra Z Riser from the Land of Light[5] and was pursued to Earth from being chased by Ultraman Z and Ultraman Zero.

Upon Genegarg's destruction, he took possession of a Monster Research Center member Shinya Kaburagi as his host. This allowed him to use the Ultra Z Riser and the Kaiju Medals he created to orchestrate monster attacks from behind the scenes.[5]


  • Weakness: Due to being an extraterrestrial parasite, Celebro is vulnerable in terms of physical form and needs a host for survival.
Powers and Weapons
  • Intelligence: Celebro is highly knowledgeable in the use of technology. This is evidenced by his ability to produce Kaiju Medals simply through reverse-engineering of Ultra Medals and making them compatible with the Ultra Z Riser.[6]
  • Possession: Because Celebro by its own is physically frail, this forced it to possess other life forms as compatible physical bodies. Such as Kaiju, and humans.



  • Celebro's slogan, "Kiete Karekareeta" is based on the similar Space Language phrase, Kiete Koshi Kirekirete (キエテ コシ キレキレテlit. "You and I are friends") which was quoted by Mitsuhiro Ide in Ultraman episode 2, Shoot the Invaders!.
    • When he quoted this upon possessing Shinya, the original letters of the Space Language appear in the scene. However, while certain words does match their romanji iterations, the kana elongation in Katakana was lost.


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