Ultras (also known as Ultramen and Ultrawomen) is the Ultraman Wiki's collective term for all Ultra-beings that appear throughout the Ultra Series regardless of combat capability or alignment.

Form/Type/Mode Change

  • Form/Type Change: A number of Ultras are able to change the color of their bodies and/or markings, which gives themselves alternate abilities or modifies their physical attributes. This ability was first seen with Ultraman Tiga. Through changing the color of his body, Tiga was able to alter his speed and power attributes to better suit whatever opponent he was facing.
  • Mode Change: Although mode change is similar to form change, it can be seen as a temporary upgrade to the Ultra's body and/or powers. One example is Mebius' Mebius Burning Brave form, which enhanced his speed and power. The Version Up in Ultraman Gaia can be seen as a permanent mode change.

The manner in which these changes are invoked is unknown, but fans have theorized that it may be tied to the Ultras' Inner Light.

Inner Light

Besides their physical features, Ultras are composed of light. It seems that Ultras are able to convert the light they absorb into a form of particle energy. For example, when Ultraseven was captured by the Alien Guts, he requested the Ultra Garrison supply him with Magnerium energy delivered to him via his beam lamp. In Ultraman Nexus, it was shown that an analysis of an Ultra's inner light would allow their Ultra Beam to be replicated. TLT described Nexus's inner light as photo-electron particle energy. In the 2011 manga ULTRAMAN, the main character and his father both received the genes of the original Ultraman in the form of what is called the Ultraman Factor. They both have superhuman bodies that produce Specium energy used to power their battle suits. Besides the literal inner light of an Ultra, there is also their spiritual light. Several times Ultras have been brought back from death by the energies of their bonds with others, or through a great deal of hope and determination being focused on them by a large group of people. This phenomenon has been coined a 'Nexus of Souls' by some circles of fans. When this phenomenon occurs between Ultras themselves, it often results in them merging into a more powerful Super Ultra.

Legendary/Super Ultras

  • Legendary Ultras: There are only four confirmed 'legendary' Ultras: Ultraman King, Ultraman Noa, Ultraman Legend, and Ultraman Justice. What makes these four Legendary is not their might (though that does play into their legends), but that they are topics of legends among the Ultras or other races. King predates the people of M78 and may have played a part in their gaining of the power of Ultra. Until Leo, no modern Ultra had seen him. Noa is regarded as a god within his home universe because he fought evil all over it, and became known to the Land of Light when he and Zagi crossed over to the Showa universe. Legend and, perhaps to a smaller degree, Justice, is a figure respected by the god-like Delaxion and has a place in the legends of Alien Gyashi.
  • Super Ultras: Super Ultras are when an Ultra acquires powers that surpass the abilities of normal Ultras. Normally this is when they fuse, or take on the powers of multiple Ultras or beings, but there are some that are naturally at this state of being. The more common Super Ultras are those that fuse with the power of others. Taro and Mebius both fused with other Ultra Brothers to easily defeat an enemy that multiple Ultras could not, and Legend was born of the fusion of Cosmos and Justice.

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