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Ultra Warriors (ウルトラ戦士 Urutora Senshi), also known as Ultra Heroes (ウルトラヒーロー Urutora Hīrō), is the collective term for the giant beings of light that serve as the heroes for most of the Ultraman Series. All Ultra Warriors are easily identified by their silver markings, round colored eyes, crested head, and Color Timer on their chest. Most Ultra Warriors originate from the Land of Light, though several have come from different planets (Leo, Joneus, Orb, etc.), some originate from Earth itself (Gaia, Agul), and some origins are completely unknown (Cosmos, Justice, Noa).

Most Ultra Warriors are the main heroes of their own shows or movies, however other Ultra Warriors can be allies who help from time to time, examples include; Father of Ultra, Ultraman King, and Yullian. To qualify as an Ultra Warrior the character has to be a pure Ultra-being that crusades against evil or aids the main hero in battle.


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