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In Ultraman Neos, appearing monsters on Earth were the results of Earth entering the Unbalance Zone (アンバランスゾーン Anbaransu Zōn) outer space area once in every 3 million years. Containing the mysterious energy substance named Dark Matter (ダークマター Dāku Matā), it plagued the Earth into an Unbalance Phenomenon (アンバランス現象 Anbaransu Genshō) which causes worldwide cases of weirdness to occur, including monster attacks in Japan. Due to said monster attacks, Ultraman Neos and Ultraseven 21 decided intervene by assisting HEART in their fight against the monsters.

By episode 10, Earth had exited the Unbalance Zone, but the last two Dark Matter Kaiju to appear were Giga Dread and Grall, both being mutations from outer space. Mensch Heit, the ultimate organism created by Dark Matter descended to Earth in order to exterminate the remaining Alien Zamu and eventually killed by the two Ultras after his genocidal wish was fulfilled.


  • In cosmological theories, dark matter is a non-luminous material that is postulated to exist in space and that could take any of several forms. The substance cannot be detected by conventional means, but their existence is proven on how they affect other objects.

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