Assist Weapons (アシストウェポン Ashisuto Uepon) are reinforcements/weapons for Gridman and other Hyper Agents, specifically his counterparts.

In Gridman the Hyper Agent, they are created and devised by Ippei to assist Gridman in battle. When in Computer World, Gridman uses the Materialization Beam to complete the process. Initially, Yuka was responsible for handling the programs until Ippei created the Assist Weapon Selector (アシストウェポンセレクター Ashisuto Uepon Serekutā) to contain and deploy them easily. Vehicular-type Assist Weapons are remotely controlled by both Ippei and Yuka through game controllers. They are also modified to become powered suits for Gridman, thus raising his ability perimeters.

Diaclone VS. Gridman established that Assist Weapons are necessities for Gridman to fight with if here against a powerful opponent. Through his memory of the Gridman Sword, he crafted an energy construct of the Thunder Axe. With the help of Landmaster, the latter provided the Hyper Agent with Battle Hanger and Thunder Crash Caliber. The latter two were lost after they converted into Freezon Energy to recharge Gridman.

In SSSS.GRIDMAN, the Assist Weapons are portrayed as sentient beings in disguise of humans, collectively known as the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, who transform by going to Junk and shouting their Access Code.

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