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"She is cold and cruel. A female warrior who serves as the Giants of Darkness' leader."

Narrator of Ultraman Trigger: Preview Special.

Carmeara (カルミラ Karumira)[3][4] is the leader of a trio of Giants of Darkness and one of the main antagonists in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.[5] She is the leader of the Giants of Darkness and has the greatest overall fighting power of the trio.

She later transformed into Megalothor (メガロゾーア Megarozōa), the final antagonist of the series.


  • Carmeara: Captivating Warrior (妖麗戦士 Yōrei Senshi)[3][4]
  • Megalothor: Evil God (邪神 Jashin)[3]


As with the other two Giant of Darkness, Carmeara is based on the three giants in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, with her counterpart being Camearra. Director Koichi Sakamoto admits to be very peculiar with Carmeara, since his wife, Motoko Nagino, used to portray the giant's source inspiration from the aforementioned movie.[6]


Naming wise, Carmeara's name in Roman letters is a rearrangement of the letter "r" from her source inspiration, with their Katakana being one kana away from each others Camearra (カミ) to Carmeara (カミラ).

Likewise, Megalothor's name is derived from Gatanothor's, with a slight change to the beginning to add "Megalo"; itself derived from the Greek word megálos, meaning "great".


Carmeara and Megalothor are designed by Shoma Muto, who also designed the rest of the Giants of Darkness.

According to Uchusen 175 Detail of Ultraman, Carmeara's costume is a single suit with separated parts being the gloves and boots, the latter incorporating high heels. The "eyelashes" on her face are peepholes for the suit actress while the brightness of her eyes and Color Timer can be manipulated through an external remote control. Her Carmeara Ribbons are made from lighter and softer materials so as to prevent them from interfering with the suit actress' motions. The Carmeara Whip and Carmeara Baton uses real-life versions of the weapon; the whip itself is portrayed with makeshift rods/ropes during rehearsal and the baton uses any real life product and painted green for rotoscoping.

According to Figure-Oh volume 288, Carmeara's monstrous form, Megalothor, combines the aspect of Gatanothor from Ultraman Tiga and Demonthor from The Final Odyssey. Megalothor's first form closely resembles Demonthor and Camearra's process of transformation into it; hence, traces of Carmeara's previous form can be seen around the head. The second form also incorporates elements of deep sea marine life found on Gatanothor, such as the tentacles, pincers and shell, as well as the upside-down head that Gatanothor possesses. While Gatanothor was designed with eyes on the chin rather than on the top, Megalothor's head is literally upside-down.


"Kengo Manaka! If it wasn't for you, Trigger would have been mine! Give me back my everything!"


Carmeara is a vengeful individual who shows great anger and hatred towards her opponents. She used to love Trigger Dark until he defected to the side of light and from then on she started to hate him. Out of the three Giants of Darkness, Carmeara is the most driven to fight against her enemies - Trigger and Yuzare - as well as finding the Eternity Core.

She holds a great resentment towards Kengo Manaka for "stealing" Trigger from her, without realizing that he is Trigger, and treats the modern Trigger Dark as an impostor. While under the effects of Morpheus R, it is shown that her greatest desire is to simply be with Trigger again.

Carmeara has no qualms in turning against her comrades should she feel that they are of no more use to her, and would go so far as to even defile their last wishes. She may even resort to killing her allies without remorse if she finds that they would be more useful dead than alive.

After transforming into Megalothor, Carmeara became obsessed with covering everything in darkness and ruling over the world. She became even more vengeful towards Kengo and would even allow the universe to be destroyed if she could take Trigger back from him.


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

"At last we've made it this far! With the power of the Eternity Core...we'll remake the universe into a world only for our clan of darkness! We'll erase the humans who live blindly under the light!"

―Carmeara's objectives after reaching the Eternity Core

Trigger Dark and the Giants of Darkness

Carmeara, with the other Giants of Darkness, arrived on Earth 30 million years ago to locate the Eternity Core, fighting against Yuzare directly or by controlling Dark Monsters.[7] Trigger Dark captured Yuzare and used her to open the gate towards the Eternity Core, allowing the other Giants of Darkness to enter. However, Kengo Manaka convinced Trigger Dark to turn to the light, becoming Ultraman Trigger, who fought the Giants of Darkness with the help of Yuzare and the power of the Eternity Core. They were petrified into stone statues, and were left to float through the universe.[4][8]

"So you absorbed a human and resurrected just to see me? How passionate of you!"

―Carmeara's reunion with Trigger on Mars

Carmeara fighting Trigger on Mars

30 million years late, in the present day, Carmeara reawakened when she was hit by a floating asteroid, unsealing her. She then went to Mars and commanded Golba to attack the settlement and the Ultra-Ancient ruins discovered there. Carmeara entered the ruins, wanting to have her revenge against Trigger, attacking Kengo Manaka in the process. He transformed into light and became one with Trigger, defeating Golba and making Carmeara retreat. Connection of Light

Soon after, Carmeara located Darrgon's statue and awakened him with her Carmeara Whip, informing him of Trigger's return. Leap to the Future She and Darrgon then went to pick up Hudram after his fight with Trigger, having to restrain him in the process. With the three Giants of Darkness reunited, they continued their quest to find the Eternity Core. The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness

The Giants of Darkness after Trigger's light drains away

After repeated monster attacks, Carmeara decided to attack Trigger directly, managing to perform her Curse of Darkness on him that turned him back into Trigger Dark. The Encounter of Light and Darkness However, after his ordeal in the past, Kengo returned to the future, causing the Giants of Darkness to somehow remember that he was the one who turned Trigger to the light in the first place. The Giants of Darkness attack Kengo, now transformed into Ultraman Trigger, and had the upper hand until Yuzare's spirit emerged from within Yuna and granted Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core, allowing him to transform into Glitter Trigger Eternity. He forced the Giants of Darkness to retreat after firing his Glitter Zeperion Beam at them, and then finished off Trigger Dark. After this incident, she started to develop a grudge against Kengo and saw the new Trigger Dark as a mere impostor. The 30-Million-Year Miracle

When the Absolutians Absolute Diavolo and Absolute Tartarus arrived on this dimension's Earth seeking the Eternity Core, they harassed the Giants of Darkness and forced them to stand down or be eliminated. Assessing that they cannot defeat the Absolutians, the Giants of Darkness reluctantly give in to them. The Golden Threat However, Carmeara would not stand for this, and assumed a human form to perform some of her own investigations. Discovering GUTS-Select's plan to absorb Diavolo's energy to empower the Nursedessei's Battle Mode, she and the other Giants of Darkness decide to help them against their common enemy by restraining Diavolo during the energy absorption process, before disappearing. Operation Dragon She then attempted to attack Trigger and Trigger Dark during Metsu-Orochi's rampage, defeating Trigger Dark while getting hurt in the process. Darrgon then came and stopped Carmeara before she could fight Trigger, advising her to retreat as Trigger had human allies on his side that were not to be underestimated. Raging Feast

The Giants of Darkness quarrel among each other, leading to the breakdown of their unity

A Kyriel came to the Earth and unleashed the Morpheus R cosmic waves, which showed the Giants of Darkness illusions of their greatest desires. Carmeara longed to see the Trigger she knew again, Darrgon wanted Yuna's affection and Hudram desired to be the leader of the trio. Smile Operation No.1 The effects of Morpheus R soon wore off, and Hudram started to accuse Carmeara of being incompetent as a leader, starting a fight between them despite Darrgon's efforts to keep them together. With that, the unity between the Giants of Darkness fell apart, and Hudram began acting on his own. What Makes a Savior

For his final plan, Hudram called the other two Giants of Darkness to their usual hideout, and then had them binded so that he can take the Eternity Core for himself. Carmeara escaped her bindings, and then confronted Hudram after he lost to Ignis. Having enough of him, Carmeara killed Hudram by disintegrating his body and stealing his power of darkness, making her more powerful. Last Game Darrgon then learned of what happened to Hudram and wanted to leave Carmeara after being disgusted by her behavior. She responded by using her Curse of Darkness on him to control his mind and made Darrgon go on a rampage in the city until he regained his consciousness. Carmeara then interrupted Darrgon's duel against Trigger, reactivating the curse and making Darrgon hunt down Yuna once more. She later stepped into the battlefield to fight Glitter Trigger Eternity, stalling him from helping Darrgon and managed to overwhelm him. Darrgon was destroyed by GUTS-Select and Carmeara took his remaining power of darkness, becoming even more powerful and allowed her to defeat Trigger. She then took Yuna and made her open the way to the Eternity Core.

"At last, the power of the Eternity Core is mine! This is the power of the Eternity Core! With this power, I can become a god!"

―Carmeara receives the Eternity Core's power

Carmeara reaches the Eternity Core

Having absorbed both her former comrades' power of darkness and making her way to the Eternity Core, Carmeara finally completed her objective after 30 million years. She touched the Eternity Core and polluted it with her darkness while its energy filled her. Carmeara's body tore itself apart as she transformed into the Evil God Megalothor, the Ruler of Shadows that would plunge the world into darkness. My Friend However, the darkness that polluted the Eternity Core had destabilized it and rendered it out of control, endangering the Earth and the universe. Megalothor attempted to kill Yuna to dispose of her, but she was protected by Akito and Trigger. Carmeara, still within Megalothor, had become hell-bent on getting rid of Kengo and attacked Trigger until Ignis arrived, fighting Megalothor with Kengo. They blasted at Megalothor with their finisher beams, but she still survived. She attempted to absorb Trigger Dark and spread her darkness around the world. When Kengo retreated back into the Nursedessei, Carmeara became determined to hunt him down and arrived in the city in a dark tornado, with Megalothor now evolved into its second form. The Ruler of Shadows Trigger and Trigger Dark stand up against Megalothor once again, but they are overpowered. The Eternity Core's increasing instability caused its energy to erupt from the ground, which Trigger made use of by transforming into Glitter Trigger Eternity to harness the excess power into his attacks and caused a giant explosion upon reacting with Megalothor's darkness. Still, it failed to defeat the Evil God.

From the results of the previous battle, Kengo, Ignis and GUTS-Select concluded that a power equal to Megalothor's dark and light powers from the Eternity Core was required in order to defeat the monster. This led to the formation of Trigger Truth when Ignis gave Trigger Dark's power back to Kengo, mixing light and darkness into a single form as Megalothor was lured out to sea to begin the operation while Yuna focused on gathering the Eternity Core's energy into the Nursedessei. Trigger Truth fought against Megalothor and, upon discovering Yuna's interference, Carmeara created copies of Darrgon and Hudram to attack GUTS-Select, who fended them off while Yuna completed her task. Megalothor's power overwhelmed Trigger, whose Color Timer began to blink, and he sank to the bottom of Tokyo Bay.

Carmeara dies

Even as Trigger's fate seemed bleak, the children of the world refused to give up hope, and cheered for Trigger despite his seeming defeat. Their cheers resonated with the people around them, and soon, they gave their light to Trigger, restoring his energy and allowing him to rise back to the surface once more. Yuna gathered the excess Eternity Core energy into the Nursedessei, which then fired at Trigger to amplify his powers and allowed him to destroy Megalothor with the True Timer Flash. Although Megalothor's body was blown apart, Carmeara survived, but was mortally wounded. Under the glow of the Sun, which shone down on the Earth once again, Carmeara realized the light's warmth as she finally died, evaporating away.

Although Megalothor had been destroyed, the monster's destruction had not removed the Darkness that Carmeara had infected the Eternity Core with, forcing Trigger and Kengo to travel to the Core and rest within it to begin reverting it to normal.To the Ones Who Believe in Smiles / Pull the Trigger


Body Features

  • Color Timer
  • Light Crystal
  • Carmeara Ribbons (カルミラリボン Karumira Ribon): A pair of ribbons, each one hanged at the back of Carmeara's shoulder pads.[9] She can use these to strangle others or to defend herself from physical attacks.


Ultraman Trigger Carmeara render.png
  • Human Form: Carmeara can disguise herself as a woman in a black dress to blend in with the human society. While doing so, she retains her ability to summon her Carmeara Whip for offensive purposes.
  • Monster Control: Carmeara can control Dark Monsters to do her bidding. Any monster subjugated to her control sported red eyes and similar energy readings to the Giants of Darkness.
  • Size Change: Carmeara can shrink herself to the size of a human.[3]
  • Teleportation: Carmeara can teleport herself away from a certain area by covering her escape with a mass of dark energy.
  • Curse of Darkness (闇の呪術 Yami no Jujutsu): Carmeara unleashes dark energy and black flames. This can either drain Ultraman Trigger of his light and turn him back into Trigger Dark, or be used to control the minds of others.
  • Disintegration: Carmeara can completely destroy her fellow Giants of Darkness and then absorb their dark power for herself.
  • Carmeara Whip (カルミラウィップ Karumira Wippu): An icy energy whip which Carmeara can use to whiplash her opponents.[3][4][7] She can wield one in each hand.
  • Carmeara Baton (カルミラバトン Karumira Baton): An energy baton which she can use in close combat.[4] She can increase its length as she wishes.
    • Energy Bullet: Carmeara fires a bolt of energy from the Carmeara Baton.
    • Cyclone: The Carmeara Baton allows her to unleash a cyclone by twirling it.[7]
  • Energy Beam: Carmeara can shoot an energy beam from a portal she appears from.
  • Carmeara Finger Spark (カルミラフィンガースパーク Karumira Fingā Supāku)[8]: Carmeara charges up dark lightning in her hands and fires it at the target.

Carmeara's face inside Megalothor

Carmeara transformed into Megalothor (メガロゾーア Megarozōa) after absorbing the power of darkness from both Hudram and Darrgon after their deaths, and gaining the Eternity Core's power. Carmeara's body is 'encased' by that of Megalothor, but remains otherwise intact. Her face is somewhere inside Megalothor's forehead, surrounded by tentacles and other pulsating organs.

Megalothor (First Form)
Ultraman Trigger Megalothor render.png

Carmeara transformed into Megalothor's First Form (第一形態 Dai Ichi Keitai) after accessing the Eternity Core.

Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacles: Megalothor is able to use tentacles that appear from the sides of its neck to attack enemies.
  • Energy Beam: Megalothor fires an energy beam from its hands and the space between the crests on its head.
  • Darkness: Megalothor emits a "darkness" that can swallow up anything it comes into contact with and causes electrical and electronic equipment to malfunction.
    • Dark Tornado (闇の竜巻 Yami no Tatsumaki)[10]: Megalothor wraps itself in a dark tornado to move around in.
  • Durability: Megalothor can survive being hit by Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark's finisher beams combined without taking much damage.
  • Evolution: By absorbing the combined beam attacks from Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark,[11] Megalothor can evolve into her second form. The transformation process requires three days while remaining engulfed by the Dark Tornado.

Megalothor (Second Form)
Ultraman Trigger Megalothor 2nd form render.png

By absorbing the combined firepower from Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark,[11] Megalothor evolved into its Second Form (第二形態 Dai Ni Keitai).

Powers and Weapons
  • Pincers: Megalothor's arms have changed into pincers.
  • Dark Megalo Tentacles (ダークメガロテンタクルズ Dāku Megaro Tentakuruzu)[3]: Tentacles on the sides of its shell and around its body, which can be used to attack and constrict enemies.
  • Dark Megalo Thunder (ダークメガロサンダー Dāku Megaro Sandā)[3]: Dark electrical energy beams fired from its head and arms.
  • Dark Megalo Image (ダークメガロイメージ Dāku Megaro Imēji):[12] Megalothor's darkness is able to create copies of Darrgon and Hudram. These copies are capable of taking on humans in hand-to-hand combat and resisting direct gunfire, but will eventually be destroyed after sustaining enough damage.


Ultra Monster Series

  • Captivating Warrior Carmeara (2021)
    • Release Date: June 19, 2021
    • ID Number: 146
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660645450
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series "Captivating Warrior Carmeara" is a 15-cm soft vinyl figure with 3 points of articulation on the waist and arms. Molded in silver-ish gray PVC plastic, Carmeara features primarily gold and some black, orange (eyes) and metallic blue (color timer) paint operations. Her Carmeara Ribbons are molded onto the arms.

Chibi Nuigurumi

  • Carmeara/Darrgon/Hudram 3-pack (2021)
    • Release Date: July 22, 2021
    • Price: 5,280 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4990593856718
Released as part of the Ultra Heroes EXPO 2021 exclusive Chibi Nuigurumi 3-pack along with Darrgon and Hudram, this Carmeara is a super-deformed plush toy.


  • Carmeara (2022)
    • Release Date: August 2022
    • Price: 7,150 yen
    • Materials: PVC, ABS
    • Accessories: 4 additional pairs of hands, Carmeara Whip, Zeperion Beam effect for Ultraman Trigger
This Carmeara is an articulated collectible figure produced for the S.H.Figuarts line (also the 99th figure released for the "Ultra Arts" subline). Aside from her pairs of hands and her Carmeara Whip, she also comes with a Zeperion Beam effect for Ultraman Trigger (Multi Type).
Carmeara is released as a Tamashii Webshop exclusive, and it can be ordered between January 24, 2022 from 16:00JST until the ??? at 13:00JST, and the product will be shipped this August 2022.

Ultra Monster DX

Umsdx megalothor.jpg
  • Megalothor (1st Form) (2022)
    • Release Date: January 15, 2022
    • Price: 3,080 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660723455
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster DX Megalothor is a large soft-vinyl figure (about 165mm) that scales with the previously released Ultra Hero Series figures, including her nemesis Ultraman Trigger and Trigger Dark. Molded in grey PVC plastic, Megalothor features white-gold and some metallic blue and dark crimson paint operations.

Megalothor (Second Form).jpg
  • Megalothor (2nd Form) (2022)
    • Release Date: January 15, 2022
    • Price: 3,080 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660723462
    • Materials: PVC
Megalothor's second and final form is also available for the Ultra Monster DX line as well.



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