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Capri-Gon (カプリゴン Kapuri-Gon) is one of the many robot enemies to fight the hero, Iron King, in his series. It appeared in episode 15 "Marathon Monster Capri-Gon."



Capri-Gon’s name comes from Capricorn, the goat, a constellation.


After Gentaro and Goro spoiled several of the plots, Phantom Militia dispatched their speediest weapon to destroy the heroes. The beast actually got close, going so far as to gravely wounding Gentaro’s leg. However, Goro was close by and transformed into Iron King, but the horned behemoth was too powerful. With its launching horn and stabbing needles, the robot trumped the hero and left him battered and bruised. With a victory in hand, Capri-Gon walked away.

Hazuki, owner of Capri-Gon, called the monster to finish off Gentaro a few days later. Attacking without care, the man-made creature lured the cowboy hero into the open. Attacking with his Iron Belt and courage that seemed unsurpassed, Gentaro tried in vain to stop the monster. However, he was far too weak from his injury to do any lasting damage to the titan. Thankfully, before Capri-Gon could slay the brave mortal, Goro transformed into Iron King and faced the beast again! Completely outmatched though, Iron King was at the machine’s mercy. His chest stabbed with numerous needles, Iron King was facing death in the face. Seeing what was happening, Gentaro summoned every last bit of strength in his body and caught a flurry of the needles in mid-air with his Iron Belt. He swung them around and catapulted the projectiles back into the robot’s chest! When the tips buried themselves into its chest, the dinosaur-like automaton self-destructed.


  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
Powers and Weapons
  • Nostril Needles: From its nostrils, Capri-Gon can launch numerous, needle-like poles that can stab into targets. These are powerful enough that, if reflected back, a group can destroy Capri-Gon.
  • Horns: The tips of Capri-Gon’s horns are capable of launching off from the rest of them. These horns can fly at opponents or simply buzz around its body so that it can use its cannons. Additionally, should an opponent touch the horns, they will shock them with extremely high voltage.
  • Horn Cannons: When the tips of Capri-Gon’s horns launch off, the openings are able to launch numerous, cannon-like shots.
  • Body Pulse: Should an enemy make contact with Capri-Gon, it can surge tremendous energy through its body to knock them away.
  • Running Speed: Capri-Gon is an extremely fast runner.


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