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C-Pin 929 (シーピン929 Shīpin 929) is a food source for Alien Fanton.

Subtitle: Enlargement Rations (肥大糧食 Hidai Ryōshoku)


Ultraman Mebius

As a massive food shortage swept through the planet Fanton, the peaceful race looked everywhere for an answer. Eventually they created C-Pin 929, an artificial food source that could feed everyone for an eternity! It grew constantly and was easy to make, but while transporting the item through space, the ship was attacked by Bogarl! The C-Pin 929 fell to the Earth and got lost within the city. While the Fantonian joined forces with Crew GUYS to recover it, Bogarl also looked for the meal. They discovered it at the same time and as GUYS put it back into its canister, Bogarl used her wicked powers to crush the container and activate it! The C-Pin 929 quickly began to grow, absorbing the atmosphere around it! Becoming larger and larger, it threatened to engulf the world. While Crew GUYS devised a plan to use a gravitational pull to launch it back into space, Bogarl revealed herself again and began to head toward the enormous blob. Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius and Hunter Knight Tsurugi appeared, fending off Bogarl as GUYS lifted the object higher and higher. Seeing it float away, Bogarl tried to snatch it out of the sky with her tail, but a quick blast from Tsurugi severed a piece of her tail! The demon was soon forced into retreat and the C-Pin 929 was launched into orbit where the Fantonian collected it and continued on his course back to planet Fanton to deliver it.


  • It may be that it is called the C-Pin 929 because it is the 929th C-Pin the Alien Fanton created.
  • Dr. Gourman from Ultraman X states that he carries C-Pin 929 as a food source in emergency situations.


  • Height: The size of a soccer ball to Infinity
  • Weight: Infinity
  • Origin: Planet Fanton (presumably)
Powers and Weapons
  • Atmosphere Absorb: C-Pin 929 is capable of absorbing the atmosphere around it, growing larger and larger in the process.


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