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Burn! The 6 Ultra Brothers! (燃えろ!ウルトラ6兄弟, Moero! Urutora Roku Kyōdai) is the twenty-fifth episode of Ultraman Taro. It is also a team-up episode which features all five previous Ultra Brothers for the second time.


Missing Kotaro, ZAT struggles to protect people from Mururoa. The agency does learn that Mururoa is vulnerable to light, and orders a worldwide blackout to prevent further damage. Meanwhile, Ultraman Taro arrives at the Land of Light. He reunites with his five Ultra Brothers, who tell him the story of the Ultra Bell, which has the power to save Earth. Thought they acquire the Ultra Bell, the six Ultra Brothers depart for Earth with some trepidation. Will this work? Indeed, but not in the way they think!


Guest Actors[]

  • Ichiro Iwamori (岩森 一郎, Iwamori Ichirō): Noruyuki Saito (斎藤 則幸, Saitō Noriyuki)
  • Hatsuko Iwamori (岩森 初子, Iwamori Hatsuko): Sachie Tajima (田島 幸恵, Tajima Sachie)
  • Jiro Iwamori (岩森 次郎, Iwamori Jirō): Fumio Shibayama (柴山 二三雄, Shibayama Fumio)
  • Saburo Iwamori (岩森 三郎, Iwamori Saburō): Osamu Yamanobe (山野辺 修, Yamanobe Osamu)
  • Shiro Iwamori (岩森 四郎, Iwamori Shirō): Shinju Sano (佐野 伸寿, Sano Shinju)
  • Sueko Iwamori (岩森 末子, Iwamori Sueko): Yumi Miyahara (宮原 由美, Miyahara Yumi)
  • Lighthouse Staff (灯台職員, Tōdai Shokunin): Saburo Satoki (里木 佐甫良, Satoki Saburō)
  • Physician at ZAT Central Hospital (ZAT中央病院医師, ZAT Chūō Byōin Ishi): Ren Yamamoto (山本 廉, Yamamoto Ren)

Suit Actors[]

  • Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンタロウ, Urutoraman Tarō): Hiroshi Nagasawa (長沢 寛, Nagasawa Hiroshi)
  • Kaiju: Toru Kawai (河合 徹, Kawai Tōru)




Home Media[]

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 6 features episodes 22-25.
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