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Burn! Earth!! (燃えつきろ! 地球!! Moe Tsukiro! Chikyū!!), also known as Burn out the Earth, is the thirty-first episode of Ultraman Max.


An alien attacks and infects the city, including DASH, with a virus.


"Burnout Syndrome"

Chief Kenzo Tomioka acts strangely, and Elly recognizes it as "burnout syndrome." Elly spots a large lifeform, Alien Moetaranga, and DASH deploys. Kaito hears the alien tell him that the earth will soon be conquered. When DASH attacks, the monster teleports out of the way of their missiles.

It then releases a virus onto the city, affecting DASH. The members begin to lose control as their immune system speeds up to an incredible rate. Soon, both DASH Birds are taken down along with the DASH mother. DASH attacks from the ground with insanity, and Kaito transforms.

Max battles the alien with the same insane energy, but runs out of energy after 30 seconds. The alien tells him anyone affected by his virus has their internal clock run at ten times its normal rate. Soon DASH and the people burn out, as Max does as well. Elly drives out and picks them up, dragging them back to the base.

Kaito is left, and without energy, is confronted by Alien Moetaranga, who tells him he is absorbing the infected humans' energy with his virus. The alien steals the Max Spark with telekinesis and throws it away. Kaito collapses.

Yukari Yoshinaga works on a cure. Because her metabolism is slower due to her old age, it enables her to work faster while not burning out so quickly. Tomioka leaves to attack the kaiju in the meantime, Yoshinaga works on the antidote. When she collapses, Professor Date takes her place. Alien Moetaranga uses capture rings to catch the DASH Bird, but Kaito manages to transform, but Max is too weak to fight. Just then Date arrives with the antidote, and fires it into the air, purifying the area. Max manages to destroy the alien once and for all.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 9 features episodes 31-34.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 20, 2017


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