Separate Guruman Because this Kaiju / Seijin is a character in the show instead of the monster of the week, it has been given its own page. If you're looking for the original page, see Kushia People.

Buran Saderuna (ブラン・サデルーナ Buran Saderūna) is a minor character in Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect The Wishes!. He is a member of the Kushia People and the father of Airu.


Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect The Wishes

Buran is the scientist who created the Giga Finalizer in the past. After being driven into a corner by an army of Galactrons Buran sacrified his life in order to save his daughter and his creation.



  • Buran's actor, Jack Shishido, previously potrayed Captain Shigeru Hijikata from Ultraman Max.
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