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Bullton[1] (ブルトン, Buruton)[2] is a meteorite-like creature that can manipulate reality. It debuted in episode 17 of the TV series Ultraman.

Subtitle: Four-Dimensional Monster (四次元怪獣, Yojigen Kaijū)[2]



Bullton's name comes from the katakana for the French surrealist poet André Breton, who had died a few weeks before the episode's airing. Breton was also part of the Dadaism art movement which helped inspire the design of the Dada aliens.


According to Tohl Narita, he designed Bullton to be a 'moving abstract form' and also based it on a sea anemone.



First arriving as two small meteor fragments, one red and one blue, the fragments possessed reality-altering capabilities and thus were studied further by the Science Patrol scientists for further examination of this new power. After some accidents took place involving its warping abilities with the scientists, the fragments were placed together and locked up avoid any further problems within the Science Patrol's HQ. A mistake that would only worsen the problem.

Now together, the fragments combined and created the giant Bullton creature from within the HQ. Once free, Bullton used its warping powers to meddle with the Science Patrol's affairs, trapping everyone in the 4th dimension, with the exception of Fuji and Hoshino, whom were outside at the moment. Fuji called for backup into the form of Japan's Self Defense Force to battle the creature, but Bullton used its reality warping abilities to swap vehicles from their positions (tanks in the air and jets on the ground). While the SDF couldn't do anything to harm Bullton, they did manage to lead Bullton away from the Science Patrol's HQ, allowing Hayata to transform into Ultraman to battle with the creature instead.

However, once in combat Bullton used its warping capabilities to confuse and outsmart Ultraman from harming it, eventually trapping the hero underground. Ultraman however fought back and after resurfacing, created his own temporal-spatial rips and tears, which damaged Bullton's antennae, stunning the creature. With the opportunity, Ultraman fired two Spacium Beams at the object, reducing it to a tiny and weaker rock, which was crushed shortly after by Ultraman.


Bullton Sign Ultraman

Symbol at bottom right

  • A symbol was seen in a Fourth Dimension landscape that appeared from behind a door when the scientists attempted to escape. The design was taken from one of Tohl Narita's artworks.
  • Originally during Ultraman vs. Bullton, Bullton was to run over Ultraman in battle, but the scene was cut due to its complexity. The scene would later be constructed for Bullton's final attack in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, and finally carried out on-screen by Bullton in episode 14 of Ultraman Z, Four-Dimensional Capriccio.
  • In real life, Ilinden in Yugoslavia's Spomenik Monuments coincidentally resembles Bullton.

Pre-Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

50 years prior to Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, Alien Reiblood manipulated a Bullton into using its powers to open portals from the Multiverse, bringing monsters to the World of the Land of Light to instigate the Galaxy Crisis. This saw the reappearance of monsters after several years of their extinction on Earth, as well as those who aren't actually native to this universe. The threat of monsters were dealt with by the ZAP SPACY officers led by Hiroyuki Hyuuga, the Ultras from the Land of Light and the Ultras from the multiverse. What happened to Bullton during this conflict is unknown.

Fast forward to the event not long prior to Ultra Galaxy's premier, Reiblood summoned Bullton on the terraformed Planet Boris. Bullton started as two fragments discovered by human research scientists, who took them back to their lab at Belargo City for further study. The fragments soon combine into their true form and use their time and space bending abilities to bring forth multiple giant monsters from across time and space to Boris, including a human Reionics named Rei as an infant. It resulted in mass destruction and deaths of many human colonists on the planet, turning it into a barren wasteland. The rampaging of monsters on Boris was intentional on Reiblood's part to jumpstart the upcoming Reionics Battle on Planet Hammer.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Bullton galaxy

Bullton, as seen in Ultra Galaxy

Sometime afterward, the ZAP SPACY arrives at this location and disturbs Bullton from an underground resting place, who then summoned the monster Froguros in an attempt to get rid of the intruders. Froguros was quickly destroyed by Litra, forcing Bullton itself to appear and attack them. Rei then summons Gomora to battle Bullton, but Bullton retaliates by resurrecting the previously killed Red King, Telesdon, and Neronga battle Gomora. Despite outnumbering Gomora, Bullton and its monster soldiers were destroyed, thanks to Telesdon's misfired antennas. The Stone Which Calls Monsters


Bullton on Belyudra

Bullton on Belyudra's left arm

  • Unlike its 1966 appearance, the Bullton was done with CGI over puppetry effects.
  • In this series, Bullton was responsible for bringing Kaiju and Rei (as an infant) to Planet Boris.
  • Bullton is one of the monsters and aliens that makes up Belyudra's left arm in Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure

Bullton is once again used by Alien Reiblood, spawning countless monsters on Japan, Earth, 50 years after the destruction of Planet Hammer. This was also done to assist Pigmon in finding the perfect Reionics candidate. Bullton positioned itself at Osaka, more specifically the Osaka castle where Ultraman had fought Gomora a long time ago. When Io Mikura went there under Pigmon's guidance, Bullton revealed itself by merging with the Osaka castle. Io summons Gomora to fight Bullton, only to ended up destroying the castle again. Bullton summoned Geronimon, Reicubas and Super C.O.V. against Gomora until the ancient monster outwits them all through Io's tactic. Bullton then spawns numerous wormholes above the sky, causing Io, Pigmon and his Gomora to be sucked as well as the young boy became separated from his grandmother, Karen.

When Io and Pigmon crash-landed on Planet Aval and reunited with his father after defeating the Ghighis, Bullton reappeared and merges with Aval's ZAP SPACY headquarters. Io's Gomora try to fight the monster again, this time managing to avoid the building, but Bullton summons Dinosaur Tank and Neronga as its reinforcements. Kanegon summons his Red King and together, taking care of the summoned monsters before Gomora uses the Ultra Oscillation Wave and reduces Bullton into pieces. Bullton's destruction caused Kanegon to be sucked to a different planet, whereas Io and Pigmon ended up on a barren Planet Boris to fight with the other Reionics.

Bullton's segment was also adapted into the Mega Monster Battle: ULTRA MONSTERS, but while mostly remains unaltered during its appearance on Osaka, Bullton on Planet Aval summoned Dinosaur Tank, Red King and Reicubas, the latter two replacing Neronga.

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Bullton's Kaiju Card was used by Murnau to send Gai Kurenai to where Sadis was. It was also used on the SSP members and Ittetsu Shibukawa when they trespassed into her mansion-looking spaceship. Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Ultraman Z

Z VS Bullton 2

Ultraman Z Beta Smash fighting Bullton

Bullton was swallowed by Genegarg while it was being pursued by Ultraman Zero for swallowing several Ultra Medals. After Genegarg threw up a meteorite on Ultraman Z, he threw up Bullton towards Zero. Zero, thinking it was just another meteorite, tried to deflect it, but it instead warped him into its pocket dimension in which the Ultra slowly lost his strength. Chant My Name!The Man Returns! Although Zero escaped using Shining Zero to reverse time, what happened to Bullton after that was unknown. His Majesty's Medal

Bullton later appeared under the ownership of Shinya Kaburagi, who put its two pieces together and used its Four-Dimensional Willpower and Four-Dimensional Phenomena abilities to wreak havoc on the STORAGE HQ. After some time, Bullton was sent to attack a nearby city, and was confronted by King Joe STORAGE Custom. The robot was little match for the rock-like creature, and confounded King Joe's attempts at fighting it. Fortunately, Z arrived on the scene, and began a counterattack, but Bullton trapped him in the ground and rolled over the Ultra's head several times, being stopped only by King Joe's intervention, giving Z enough time to escape and transform into his Beta Smash form. After crippling Bullton's warping powers by ripping out its feelers and impaling it with the Z Lance Arrow, Z hurled Bullton into the air with his Energy Rope, then destroyed it with his M78 Style Shining Tornado Slash, seemingly for good this time. Four-Dimensional Capriccio

After Bullton’s defeat, a rift in space was left behind, allowing Greeza to materialise and attack Earth. After Greeza managed to defeat Z and Geed, Yuka Ohta theorised that beings capable of manipulating the fabric of space and time like Bullton were required for the universe to maintain its integrity. Bullton's defeat had torn the fabric of space, and the resultant rift needed to be repaired to stop Greeza’s attack. A Warrior's Duty


Z Bullton Homage
  • Before Bullton's wormhole closes, the light it gives off is similar to the symbol within the Fourth Dimensional landscape from its original debut episode.[3]
  • Unlike Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, Bullton is an actual physical suit instead of a CGI model.
  • According to the Ultraman Z Perfect Super Complete Works, Bullton has four different antennae, each has its distinct powers on their own:
    • A: Erases objects and incoming projectiles.
    • B: Utilizes Four-Dimensional Phenomenon to create pitfalls.
    • C: Re-materializes objects that are erased by antenna A.
    • D: Creates energy ring projectiles, this antenna is uniquely shaped like an arrowhead.
  • To emphasize the camera view of Bullton's Four-Dimensional Space, a Go-Pro is used in a rotating effect.
  • In Sevenger Fight, Bullton's dimensional powers became the main factor to Space Sevenger's Warp Navigation ability, which resulted with Yoko and Yuka getting stranded on an unnamed monster planet.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Bullton's wormhole 2

Bullton's wormhole

After fleeing from Z's Earth with King Joe STORAGE Custom, Alien Barossa IV combined Bullton's two pieces to halt the pursuing Ultraman Z and Space Sevenger and make off with the now modified robot his race had previously procured. Bullton's effects sent everyone except for Sevenger through a dimensional wormhole to the Earth where Ultraman Trigger was currently active. Inter Universe


  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Middle East (blue) and Baron desert (red)
  • Attack: 1000
  • Defense: 1000
  • Speed: 800
  • Weakness: If Bullton's feelers get broken off, Bullton is at the mercy of whoever is fighting them, and is unable to use its reality warping abilities. Damaging these antennae may also stun Bullton, giving opponents a window to get closer to Bullton and attack without being affected by its Four-Dimensional Willpower.
Powers and ​Weapons
  • Growth: Bullton can grow to large sizes in an indeterminable amount of time.
  • Burrowing: Bullton can burrow through the ground at low speeds.
  • Four-Dimensional Willpower (四次元念力, Yojigen Nenriki)[4]: Being a creature from another dimension, Bullton is able to create Four-Dimensional Phenoma (四次元現象, Yojigen Genshō)[2]/Paranormal Phenomenon (パラノーマルフェノメノン, Paranōmaru Fenomenon) in the area around it to distort space and time. Bullton's Four-Dimensional Phenomena is intrinsically linked to its target's subconscious and is capable of changing based on the target's thoughts and desires; they can overcome its effects with enough willpower, though Bullton is able to create these phenomena in the absence of any specific target as well. Bullton's Four-Dimensional Willpower is the basis for a number of feats the creature can perform, using the four types of antennae that protrude from its body.
    • Destructive Flashes: Flashes of light that can instantaneously damage targets.
    • Transportation: Bullton can 'summon' objects or even other monsters in an instant, using a similar method to its Defensive Warping phenomenon.
    • Defensive Warping: Bullton can cause projectiles fired at it to detonate elsewhere, or simply be erased from existence. Bullton can also warp opponents varying distances away to disorient them, keep its distance, or throw their attempts at attacking it off the mark.
    • Four-Dimensional Ray (四次元光線, Yojigen Kōsen): A beam fired from the feelers, it can distort the space around Bullton to its own advantage, such as swapping the places of enemies or burying them in the ground.
  • Tough Hide: Bullton can survive one hit from Ultraman's Spacium Beam. However, a second hit was able to destroy it.
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth
  • Extradimension Absorption (異次元吸収, Ijigen Kyūshū): Bullton can suck its enemy into its body. In ULTRA MONSTERS, its changed into a different dimension to defeat the opponent. This ability was later featured in Ultraman Fusion Fight! again as its finisher move.
  • Material Mine Conversion Phenomenon (物質機雷化現象, Busshitsu Kirai-ka Genshō): Bullton manipulates gravity around the opponent by levitating objects surrounding them. This causes the opponent to be surrounded by electrocuting objects should they ever attempt to get out.
  • Low-Dimensional Transition Phenomenon (低次元転移現象, Hikujigen Ten'i Genshō): Bullton transports the opponent to a different dimension. First, a smaller Bullton would roll away to distract the target, followed by a bigger Bullton crushing them.
  • Rolling Bullton (ローリングブルトン, Rōringu Buruton): Bullton uses a rolling attack.
  • Four-Dimensional Hammer (四次元ハンマー, Yōjigen Hanmā): A tag-team attack with EX Tyrant. EX Tyrant hooks its Despotic Hammer to Bullton and then the sentient meteorite to act as a mace. Then, Bullton is launched into space only for Tyrant to yank it back to Earth and slams the opponent with it.
Ultraman Orb The Movie
  • Dimensional Warping: Bullton's Kaiju Card can be used to warp space and time, sending the victim elsewhere.
Ultraman Z
  • Energy Rings: Bullton can generate rings of energy which encircle and slash at its opponent.
  • Teleportation: Bullton can spontaneously vanish and reappear elsewhere.
  • Barrier: Bullton summons an energy barrier to protect itself from attacks.

Black Bullton
Black Blutton

Black Bullton

Black Bullton (ブラックブルトン, Burakku Buruton) is a subspecies of the normal Bullton that appeared in the game, Kaiju Busters.

  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Underground Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • It can be assumed that it shares similar powers with the regular blue and red Bullton.

Other Media

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Bullton evolution

Bullton, as seen in Ultraman FER

Bullton reappeared in episode 1 and 7 of the video game, Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.

In the video game's story mode, Bullton was the first monster revived by Geronimon and the first monster to be fought by Ultraman in a city. Shortly after being beaten, Ultraman crushes the stone that being Bullton and flies away.

Later on, Bullton is revived by Geronimon again and is fought this time by Ultraman Gaia at an airport. Before Gaia can deal with Bullton, Bullton creates an evil copy of Ultraman Agul to do battle instead. After battling the fake, the real Ultraman Agul arrives to battle the fake. However after Gaia been weakened in battle, Bullton sucks the Ultra into another dimension that resembles the innards of Bullton. Gaia manages to beat Bullton again and destroys it, leaving him and Agul to leave.


Kaiju Busters

Kaiju Busters Bullton

Bullton in Kaiju Busters

Bullton appears in the game Kaiju Busters. A subspecies called Black Bullton (ブラックブルトン, Burakku Buruton) also appeared.


  • Unlike the regular Bullton, Black Bullton apparently lived underground.



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