Buddy Go! (バディゴー! Badi Gō!) is the first episode of Ultraman Taiga.


It has been twelve years since Ultraman Taiga disappeared into space in the fierce battle with Ultraman Tregear. Hiroyuki Kudo gets caught up in an alien incident during a mission...



In a fierce battle between Ultraman Tregear and the New Generation Heroes, the young hero Ultraman Taiga, son of Taro, was attacked by Tregear, who then disappeared into space.

Twelve years later, on an Earth secretly inhabited by extraterrestrials, a young man Hiroyuki Kudo became a rookie member of the private security organization E.G.I.S.. He was soon involved in alien-related crime, during which the dangerous kaiju Hellberus appeared. Yet a light within Hiroyuki awoke to counter the beast!

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


Remembering the Future - Part 1 (未来の思い出す 前編 Mirai no Omoide Zenpen)

Taiga goes somewhere to shout his name in frustration, which irritates his friend Filis, a Blue Tribe Ultra who is slightly older than he is.

He then explains that on the Land of Light, the Silver and Red Tribes are much more suitable for battle and many of them join the Inter Galactic Defense Force, while Blue Tribe Ultras such as Filis are more clear-headed and many of them work as scientists in the Space Science and Technology Bureau, which has work in many areas such as backline support for the Inter Galactic Defense Force, creating new technologies, and managing old relics, which is what Filis does.

Taiga then talks about his father, Taro and explains that he is the biggest reason for his unhappiness, since everyone only sees him as Taro's son. He confides in Filis, who is apparently the only other person who sees Taiga for who he is.

Taiga then asks Filis about a capsule he is carrying. In it is a Triger Shot, which Filis says may be useful to Taiga, but he doesn't understand because it is so small. Filis then talks to him about a certain Ultraman who is Taiga's senior, and Taro's former pupil.


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  • The Ultra Dynamite used by Taro in the prologue of this episode is charged by Strium energy instead of simple flames. This effect was recycled from Ultraman Orb Burnmite's Stobium Dynamite.
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