Broken Bonds (傷だらけの絆 Kizudarake no Kizuna) is the fourth episode of Ultraman Mebius.


GUYS plans to start using its first Maquette monster Miclas, from which they created from gathering data on him from UG files. They used a hologram Dinozaur for him to fight and only has one minute to defeat it. One by one each member tries but, fails each time due to its cowardliness until Konomi convinces him to go after it but, the time limit goes off and it vanishes. Later that day the woman in white (Bogar) appears and summons the monster Cherubim from space. Quick to attack, it landed in the city and use its flames and tail to destroy buildings. Konomi summons Miclas to fight but, both due to their cowardliness and the fact Miclas imprinted on her both ran away from the fight and Cherubim left. Konomi was then scolded by Ryu for the fact that she ran away and left headquarters. At the school where she taught she was soon convinced over by some of the members she returned just as Cherubim returned. She once again summoned Miclas to fight and with his new found courage fought the monster until he was knocked down by its tail. Just the Ultraman Mebius appeared to fight it, Cherubim gained the upper hand with its attack and was about to stab the giant with its horn but, Konomi blasted the tip of its horn off. Mebius then used the Mebium Blade to cut the monster in half defeating the creature. Sadly though, Miclas was found useless by headquarters and had the capsule monster returned for modifications.





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  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 1 features episodes 1-4.
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