Bosugon (ボスゴン Bosugon) is a kaiju that appeared in 1993 the TV special, The Man Who Wanted to be Ultraman.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown


The Man Who Wanted to be Ultraman

Bosugon lead a monster army, consisting of Garamon, Alien Baltan, Neronga, Red King, Gomora, Eleking, and Pandon to fight the Ultra Brothers. However the Ultra Brothers managed to defeat Bosugon and his army.


  • Bosugon's suit had actually been around since the 70s but went unused for unknown reasons. The series it was made for is unknown, but some sources claim it could've been for Fireman.
    • After the filming of the special, Bosugon was never used again, but has made appearances in stage shows.
  • Since he lead the monster army, Bosugon can be considered the main villain of the special.
  • Bosugon's roar is edited from Gamera's monster Jiger.

Powers and Weapons

  • Strength: Considering he was able to take on the Ultra Brothers, it can be assumed Bosugon is a physically strong monster.


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