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Bond - Nexus - (絆 - ネクサス - Kizuna - Nekusasu -) is the thirty-seventh and final episode of Ultraman Nexus, and the first appearance of Nexus' true form Ultraman Noa.


The episode opens with a young man from 18 years before the start of the series being possessed by a light blue energy.

Back to the present, TLT was preparing to launch Lethe again when 30,000 populations have learned of the Space Beast, despite doing so would weaken the Visitors' powers and their Potential Barrier. The injured Kaimoto awakened and remember his past of being the Visitors' interpreter in front of several scientists. Meanwhile, Nagi inherited the Evoltruster after a vision in the woods. Ishibori became aware of this and eventually shoot his partner Hiraki out of the blue.

Nagi stopped Ishibori's shooting frenzy with the Blast Shot and discover that the out of control operative was the Unknown Hand all along. While approaching Lethe in the Basement Lowest Level SECTION-0, he was approached by Illustrator and three remaining Night Raider operatives. When Ishibori revealed himself as Zagi, Kaimoto regained his memory of recounting the name and to his shock, Ishibori was none other than the lost scientist Hajime Yamaoka.

"While TLT had maintained the Potential Barrier in place, they were also pushing the development of an antibody to prevent Beasts from appearing. For those reasons, you tried to manage as well as adjust the battles with the Beasts. Its similar to what I've been doing. I predicted that Nagi would receive Ultraman's light. Creating Faust and Mephisto and having you (Ultraman) fight them was to strengthen the power of the light. I used Riko Saida and Mizorogi to plant the darkness in your heart, Nagi. I was in Night Raider because it was convenient for me. It was all a tool for me to return back to my original form. I've been waiting from that night 18 years ago for this moment."

―Mitsuhiko Ishibori/Dark Zagi

Nagi predictably becomes Nexus out of pure hatred, but Zagi had Lethe tangled the giant and absorb his energy, converting into the darkness needed to return to his original form. As Zagi rampages in Shinjuku, the entire globe was alarmed with various reports of Space Beast attacks. Komon was on his own to save Nagi from the darkness and by successfully reaching her, they revived Nexus to escape from the machine. Komon inherited the Evoltruster and transformed into Nexus to save Wakura in the Chrome Chester Delta.

Using his predecessors in mind, Komon has Nexus shuffling into his later forms but none of his attacks prove effective. Witnessing the Ultraman, the population suddenly regain their memories of him fighting in Shinjuku before. The support from the crowd allows Nexus to finally evolved into Ultraman Noa, overpowering Zagi until he was killed in a beam of war in space. Komon received a vision of Riko seeing him as a protector.

A year later, the Space Beasts became public knowledge, but the expanded Night Raider worked tirelessly to fend the civilians against them.

"We are alive. Even if we've lost the peace we had yesterday, directly encountered a terrifying reality, lost precious things, had our hearts torn apart, and stood transfixed at an unimaginable evil. We will live. Though we've hurt countless times, stood back up countless times, we will live. Because we are not alone. Because you are not alone."

―Kazuki Komon






Home Media

  • Ultraman Nexus Volume 10 features episodes 34-37.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU in June 2, 2017.


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