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Bogun (ブローズ Burōzu) first appeared in Ultraman: Towards the Future, episode 1 "Signs of Life".

Subtitle: Twin Brain Earth Beast (双脳地獣 Sō Nō Chi-Jū)


Ultraman: Towards the Future

The first of many organisms to be mutated from Gudis's virus, Bogun changed his appearence from that of a tadpole to a gigantic brute rampaging through the United States. The UMA was sent to destroy it, but only succeeded in annoying Bogun. Jack was hesitant to kill the beast since it was being driven by the Gudis virus, and not acting on its natural instincts, but he eventually used the Delta-Plasma pendant to turn into Ultraman Great, and fight Bogun himself, to prevent further loss of human life. As the two clashed, Great seemed to have the upper hand, until Bogun used his poison gas. However, the Ultra Warrior persevered and eventually used the Burning Plasma to vaporize Bogun in a fiery cloud.


  • Bogun is similar to the Return of Ultraman Kaiju Twin Tail, as the two share a similar body shape, with heads at the bottom and whips at the top.
  • In the comics, Bogun lacks both legs.
  • In the planning stages for Towards the Future, Bogun's title was to be "Evil Monster".
  • Bogun's name is derived from the Australian slang term "bogan".


  • Height: 72 m
  • Weight: 94,000 t
  • Origin: United States
  • Weakness: Bogun is very slow moving, and according to Jack, he will go into hibernation without the warmth and light of the sun.
Powers and Weapons
  • Freezing Energy Orbs: Bogun is able to form small red and purple energy orbs around his foes that can freeze anyone inside.
  • Poison Gas: Bogun can emit an extremely poisonous gas from the black pores on his front and back. This attack is primarily close range.
  • Head Tentacle: Bogun has a tentacle on his head that he uses to slap his foes silly. While it has short reach, it can cause explosions that can destroy buildings.


Bogun was released three times in the Ultra Monster Series, also a Bogun was released by Dreamworks. Both were made in 1990. The Bandai Bogun has a light green or yellow color (Depending on the variant), but is only about 5in tall and only has two points of articulation on the legs. The Dreamworks Bogun is 8in taller and is released in a large box. It has four points of articulation, neck, legs, and tentacle. It is dark and lime green. The Dreamworks figure included a sticker of Bogun. Both are "great" figures. 


Ultraman: Towards the Future


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