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Burnmite horn rub.png This article lacks an official name. "Body Crystals" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

Body Crystals are crystal-like materials on Ultras that usually glow. They are similar to the Light Crystals of the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light.


  • Ultraman Ginga: Ginga uses the crystals on his body to manipulate plasma energy for his finishers and abilities.
  • Ultraman Victory: Victory uses his V Crystals (Vクリスタル Bui Kurisutaru) to manipulate Victorium energy.
  • Ultraman Ribut: Ribut has G-Crystals (Gクリスタル G Kurisutaru) on his limbs, which are used as sources for some of his abilities.
  • Ultraman Ginga Victory: Being a fusion of Ginga and Victory, this Ultraman has a combination of their respective crystals.
  • Ultraman Orb: In Fusion Up forms which use assets of Ginga or Victory, Orb inherits their crystals.
    • Orb Trinity
    • Lightning Attacker
    • Photon Victorium
    • Mebium Especially
  • Ultraman Zero Beyond
  • Ultraman Ruebe
  • Ultraman Gruebe: Like Ruebe, Gruebe possesses small crystals on his body. In particular, the Breast Shiner (ブレストシャイナー Buresuto Shainā) crystals on his chest are used to fire the Delta Breast Lancer.
  • Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw


  • Energy Manipulation: The crystals are able to manipulate large amounts of energy. This manipulation is for the use of techniques such as beams, fireballs, bolts of electricity, blades of energy etc.


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