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Bock (ボック Bokku) debuted in episode 20 of Ultraman Leo. An alien boy from a planet in the constellation of Ursa Minor, Bock was hunted down by the malevolent alien monster Dogyuh from the constellation of Taurus, who had previously murdered his mother. Fortunately, Dan Moroboshi and Ultraman Leo came to the young alien's aid, and killed Dogyuh before Bock could become his latest victim.

Subtitle: Little Bear Sagittarius people (小熊座人 Koguma Zajin)


Ultraman Leo

Pursued by Dogyuh in fireballs from somewhere in the Ursa Minor constellation after the fiend had killed his mother, Bock arrived on Planet Earth and disguised himself as a young boy to hide from the hostile alien. He befriended a young bear cub and met Gen, but showed him no ill will, merely leading him around, though hardly spoke anything except his name. But as the alien left, readings Gen received began to drop off to nothing. The next day they found the boy with a bear cub and while they were talking, the villagers arrived, blaming the boy for the cause but as Bock fled, the cub was killed, causing him to prepare to sacrifice his life to stop the damage, as it turned out. Dan and Gen arrived, protecting the young boy, who mourned the death of the cub he had befriended, his tears causing a black flower to grow. Soon, Dogyuh revealed himself for what he was and Dan attacked him to protect the boy. As Ultraman Leo was beaten down, Bock grabbed his flowers and threw them, causing them to grow into giant spears and impale Dogyuh's eyes, blinding him and then Ultraman Leo killed Dogyuh with the Leo Spark. After Dogyuh killed, Bock thanked Dan and Gen before he took off into the sky, now safe from the infernal Dogyuh.


  • Cast: Nagisa Koyama
  • His given name is a short for Koro-pok-guru, a race of small people in the folklore of the Ainu people of Hokkaido, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands chain.
    • This might be a reference to the boy's subtitle.
  • Bock was the first alien to have been disguised as a human, but never revealed his true appearance.
    • As Dogyuh mistook the mother of the bear cub Bock took care of for Bock himself, it can be assumed that Bock's true appearance is bear-like.


  • Height: 140 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Origin: Constellation Ursa Minor
Powers and Weapons
  • Human Disguise: Bock can disguise himself as young boy.
  • Fireball Travel: Bock can travel through the galaxies with his fireball form.
  • Flower Tears: Bock's tears cause black flowers to grow, which can then be used as weapons.
  • Black Flowers: After Bock grows the black flowers with his tears, he can wield them as spears, capable of piercing straight through the skin of even a giant monster.
  • Flight: Bock can fly with a jet in his feet.


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