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Boa (ボア) is a one-eyed giant conqueror who led the Gua Army's monster forces. He appears in the manga Ultra Super Legends.


Ultra Super Legends

Boa was the leader of the Gua Army's monster forces and had conquered and destroyed many planets. He along with his monsters and his subordinate Juda soon arrived at a moon near the Land of Light and made a base there. Soon Boa then deployed several of his Kaiju to create quakes to affect the Land of Light. Following the death of Nokogilin, Boa became aware of Prometheus and then sent out Gomora to destroy the dam network that kept the Plasma Spark's energy from escaping and in doing so reverted he Ancient Ultras to their human hosts, while Boa headed a group of Kaiju and aliens to destroy the powerless Ultras. However, Prometheus, Pico and the Elder were not effected by this. Prometheus then grew to his true height and destroyed the group whilst Boa fled.

Juda was outraged at the defeated monster army, killed Boa and went down to battle Prometheus.


Powers and Weapons
  • Steel Body: Thanks to his steel armored body, Boa was very strong and durable.