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Blukong (ブルコング Burukongu) is an armadillo-like Kaiju that first appeared in episode 4 of Captain Ultra.

Subtitle: Primitive Monster (原始怪獣 Genshi Kaijū)


Captain Ultra

After Captain Ultra was rescued from some fallen rocks by Joe and Huck, Blukong rolled on to the scene in his ball form. The trio ran and hid in the mountains from the creature, while Blukong waited for them outside. Later, Captain, Joe, and Huck came out to combat the beast. Blukong was defeated but not killed instead, he just walked away leaving the heroes alone.

Blukong reappears in episode 7. After fleeing his last battle, Blukong began to wander. The Alien Vandels saw an opportunity, and use their light tower to hypnotize Blukong to once again try to destroy Captain Ultra and his party. However, Blukong was defeated again and returned to human size. Captain and his crew take the now shrunken Blukong back to the Space Station where he was not seen for the rest of the series.


  • Suit Actors:
    • Fukunosuke Izumi (泉福之助 Izumi Fukunosuke) (Episode 4)
    • Hiroyuki Kiuchi (木内博之 Kiuchi Hiroyuki) (Episode 7)


Powers and Weapons
  • Ball Form: Blukong can roll himself into a ball for defense of fast movement.
  • Flame Stream: Blukong can spew flames from his mouth.
  • Acidic Spray: Also, Blukong can spew acid from his mouth.
  • Tough Back: Blukong's back is much more durable then his front.


If Blukong is heavily damaged, he will shrink to human size and lose all his powers.


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