Blooder (ブラッダー Buraddā) is a Kaijin from Triple Fighter. He was created by the merging of the Three Revived Phantoms and powered by active Uranium.


  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: Planet Devil


Triple Fighter

The kaijin Blooder was created when Black Thunder, Black Killer and Kumoderan merged together to form him as part of Demon's latest plan to take out the Fighters and revealed in front of Yuji and Lily as they were dealing with a whole bunch of Devila in a field.

With the strength of three kaijin, Blooder was able to surpass Yuji in combat all while Lily just stood in her place and cried. As he held him by the ropes, Blooder was about to finish him off, but then he somehow got stressed out and forced to split back into the three kaijin for now.

As the three kaijin returned to the field after regaining their energy, they recombined back into Blooder and retook Yuji and Tetsuo as he easily gained the upper hand over them, as Lily stayed behind at their headquarters as she struggled with her fears.

As the two male Fighters struggled to keep up with Blooder with his fighting prowess and explosive moves, the kaijin then suffered stress once again and split back into Black Killer, Black Thunder, and Kumoderan once again, but they quickly refused again after they had the Devila shoot them with a special gun and after another fight, the two male Fighters turned into Green Fighter and Red Fighter to gain the upper hand over him, but he quickly tunred the tide against them until Lily showed up, transformed into Orange Fighter, and fused with the two male fighters to become Triple Fighter. The combined hero gained the upper hand over the combined kaijin and when the latter started to break down in stress, the former took the opportunity and defeated him once and for all with his signature Triple Kick, resulting in his explosive defeat after yelling out Demon's name in anguish.

Powers and Abilities

  • Atomic X (アトミックX Atomikku Ekkusu): The weapon used by Blooder that releases a large amount of power, but also decreases his energy greatly.
  • Energy Absorption: If Blooder runs too low on energy, he can replenish it by absorbing Uranium from a Devila.
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