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The Blood-Sucking Plant is a mysterious plant introduced in episode 33 of Kaiju Booska.


Kaiju Booska

A mysterious plant found only on the island Donbura, which was adrift in the ocean. A Captain by the name of Donkey was determined to find the secret treasure of Donbura, as his ancestry was from the island. The civilization of the island vanished, and all that remained was cacti and the plant in question. It turns out the plant swallowed the treasure and turned the people of the island into cacti. 

Booska and Chamegon assisted Captain Donkey on the quest and fought the plant, which used it's vines to strangle them, but Booska pulled out the win in the end.


  • Height: 7 ft
  • Weight: TBA
Powers and Weapons
  • Vines: The Blood-Sucking Plant can use its many vines to strangle and ensnare its foes.
  • Swallow: The plant can swallow objects much larger than it.
  • White Powder: From its stamin, the plant can fire a white powder that can turn humans into cacti.
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