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Lamango Lamango 9 October 2021

My research so far

As a few people may have seen, but I've been curious about the recent change in quality on Millcreek's recent releases. I've dug a bit, trying to find out why the quality suddenly shifted from Taro to Leo, Gridman, 80, and the anime. I've heard people on different sites saying these are just the 'Tsuburaya subs' they provide as a foundation for their shows. Some people said they're just Crunchyroll and Toku's subs, but if you look at the other content these two companies put out, they not only have their names tagged onto the shows they sub, but also, produce much better subtitle qualities. The real thing here is Joneus' show. It uses the exact same subs as the Youtube channel, and no company, to my knowledge, had subbed The * Ultraman bef…

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Lamango Lamango 17 August 2021

Oh ew

This new layout is terrible and has unneeded stuff tacked on. Anyone else feel like that?

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Lamango Lamango 5 August 2021

So is the layout's gonna mess up the Wiki?

"This legacy design will soon be retired" will it mess up the Wiki?

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Jr-Kilgore Jr-Kilgore 28 July 2021

Eiji Tsuburaya's Greatest Creations

If you're a tokusatsu and kaiju movie fan then you might have heard the name Eiji Tsuburaya. He is the co creator of the well known Godzilla, and also known for Ultraman.

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Jin7795 Jin7795 24 July 2021

Ultraman Cosmos Dark

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Jr-Kilgore Jr-Kilgore 21 July 2021

Who's the Real Strongest Ultraman

Through out the years we have seen many Ultraman but who's the strongest? It's a question that many people ask but what's the best accurate answer? For you, who do you think is the strongest Ultraman. Comment here, on what do you think and why

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Lamango Lamango 11 July 2021

Plot summeries

I was thinking, should we add the plot summaries from the Millcreek bluray releases? Like, example,

"Near Mt. Konpo, tunnel excavation work on the third-sector of the new Tokai Super-Expressway project unearths a huge cavern from which a large, strange stone is recovered. One worker claims to have seen a huge monster in the darkness, leading a young scholar to recall an ancient text kept in a local shrine. The legend tells of Gomess, a tusked, bipedal beast with fearsome claws, and a phoenix-like bird, Litra, which defends the order of nature against the other. When Yuriko and Jun become trapped in the caverns, they discover that this legend is not mythical when a rhythmic beating emanates from the strange stone, revealing Gomess."

I argue the…

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Lamango Lamango 8 July 2021

About the erasers

They have erasers for Godzilla, Gamera, Kamen Rider, Spectreman, Iron King, help me. I'm so tempted to buy em.

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Lamango Lamango 4 July 2021



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Jr-Kilgore Jr-Kilgore 2 July 2021

The Six Ultra Brothers Vs The Monster Army II

This time not being a Turkish Knock off but rather being a "Tsuburaya Original" i wish some day they will go back to something like the Hanuman movie (but without hanuman) but this time they should add more Kaiju than just Dustpan, Dorobon, Tyrant, Astromons, and Super Gomora.

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PeaPodOf3245 PeaPodOf3245 17 June 2021

Changes to actor pages

EDIT: I've made a couple more changes to the infobox since the initial version. A person's age is now displayed, and external links are divided into sections, explained below.

Hello, I've proposed some changes to actor pages that you can see in this example sandbox and was wondering what everyone thinks before I implement anything. At the bottom of that sandbox page are some extra notes, but here's a basic summary:

  • The roles section will list roles in tables.
  • The roles section will be split into four areas, "Main Stuff", which includes TV series, movies, side stories, voice dramas etc. and then stage show roles, video game roles and stock grunts, all of which are Tsuburaya Productions works.
  • The infobox will separate links for a person's offic…

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ULTRAMAN TIGA 4 LA PELICula reunasen de nuevo guts

luego que daigo y rena se casaran 1 año despues se van a marte pasan ahora una vida juntos aya y forman una familia de que tiempo mas tarde nace su hija hikaru madoka luego nace su hijo menor tsubasa madoka tuvieron pasar varios años ya convirtiendose ya adultos ser parte de neo super guts daigo y rena sabian que se unen se repiteria la historia ademas no eran los unicos sus antiguos compañeros se preocuparon por sus hijos de horri ,shinjo,iruma yazumi cuando daigo y rena supieron que su hijo menor tsubasa habia ido al pasado no dudaron ir ya cuartel le pasan varios recuerdos cuando eran jovenes escucharon voces al voltarse se recuenentran con tres viejos amigos que eran guts los 7 de guts se unieron para hablar de ño que paso l…

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Lamango Lamango 7 June 2021

Mirrorman 2D

"""Mirror Man 2D"

Author: Hisa Masato Original Story: Tsuburaya Productions Synopsis: "The year is 2021. The Earth has been targeted by Invaders. Two men confront the Invaders, who are secretly planning to invade the three-dimensional world. In Yokohama, the city targeted by the Invaders, a buddy action story that transcends dimensions unfolds! The legendary hero "Mirror Man" has been rebooted after 50 years!"""

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Lamango Lamango 5 June 2021

New Pedia may steal our stuff

Someone on Wikizilla has brought this to my attention. https://tokusatsu.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page They already stole stuff from Wikizilla, Tokupedia, and a few others. Keep an eye out on em, alright?

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Lamango Lamango 9 May 2021

Ivory Ape

In the 1980s, Rankin-Bass and Tsuburaya made a movie called the Ivory Ape. Here it is.


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SolZen321 SolZen321 7 May 2021

The Concept History of the Plasma Spark

Sorry to disappoint those who cannot read, but this is not a history of the Plasma Spark in-canon. Instead I'm talking about the concept of the Plasma Spark in the real world history of the franchise as I can surmise thus far. As this is clearly based on my ow experience thus far with the Ultra series and frankly....I'm no historian...if you see something incorrect or know something I don't tell me in the comments for everyone else to see.

As far as I know the earliest mention of what we would come to understand as the Plasma Spark was the 1970's manga by Mamoru Uchiyama, that would be translated to English in 1995 as 'Battle of the Ultra Brothers.' In the translated version the device is described as/called the Plasma Nuclear Fusion System…

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Lamango Lamango 16 March 2021

Someone did a review of Izenborg

Check it out, we can get some info on the supporting characters now. Finally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SM6js_a7yyQ

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Lamango Lamango 3 February 2021

Location Pages

I was debating making pages for locations in the series, like, Okutama, it's where Gomess, Mummy Man, Dodongo and King Jaigras all emerged from, but we don't got a page for it. Also, I'd like to know if it'd be OK to do that, since I don't want to like, spam the wiki with location things.

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Battra Jirax Battra Jirax 1 February 2021

Who or what is Absolute Tartarus

As shown in the Absolute Conspiracy, Absolute Tartarus is a powerful being, capable of manipulating space-time to his very will. But a question in my head is Who just is Absolute Tartarus.

It is confirmed The Absolute Conspiracy takes place before the events of Ultraman Mebius (series), due to Alien Empera being alive. This would mean before the events of Ultraman Ginga. But why did I mention Ginga? I feel that Absolute Tartarus IS Ultraman Ginga (character), albeit before the split with Dark Lugiel. We have not seen Ginga yet in the whole series, nor Lugiel. We also have no idea what Ginga used to look like. So Tartarus has a chance to be Ginga.

From the words of Matpat: "But hey, that's just a theory, a Film Theory!"

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SolZen321 SolZen321 28 January 2021

How Good Ultras go Bad

Sol here, for probably the first Blog of this year of our Lord, 2021. Right now I'm going to be talking about something that's been on my mind for a while, why certain Ultras fell to darkness. Despite not falling to evil, I'll also be talking about Zero, since his original arc mirrored Belial's fall in a way.

Now I ask for patience as I attempt to play Psychologist, with fictional characters. Also, everything below is more or less theory unless Tsuburaya decides to come and say everything is corrrect. That said, i've noticed a theme among fallen Ultras as to why they turned to darkness, Self Worth.

  • 1 Zagi
  • 2 Belial
  • 3 Juggler
  • 4 Tregear
  • 5 The Dark Giants
  • 6 Kei
  • 7 Geed
  • 8 Zero
  • 9 Final Words

I'm not going to talk about Zagi's Brood; Faust and Mephisto because they w…

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Lamango Lamango 17 January 2021

Monster Origin Locations

I was looking and watching some of the stuff, and sometimes, the monsters appear in specific locations, and we sort of just... say they appear on Earth? Like, Gomess and Litra appeared under Mt. Konpo in Ultra Q, Goro appeared on Mt Amagi. Gorgos appeared in Lake Yoshino, Jirahs was in Lake Kitayama and what not. Should we consider adding those?

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SolZen321 SolZen321 28 December 2020

Kaiju and Youkai

I was originally going to do this for Christmas but decided to push it back a few days. I didn't forget it I swear.

In this blog I want to talk about the cultural, religious inspirations for Kaiju., specifically Ultra Kaiju. See there are things I've noticed from the Ultra Series, and maybe a lot of what comes next is nonsense from someone who loves theories, but I've noticed it all the same.

If you've read my last Blog about Tiga, you will know that Kaiju are, for the most part, creature associated with the theme of darkness, in opposition to the umbrella theme of Ultraman's 'Light', or 'Bright Future'. Yet I feel it's a bit more than that. To make sense, I have to ask, what do you know about Youkai?

  • 1 Explanation of Youkai
  • 2 Kaiju and Dragons
  • 3…

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Lamango Lamango 13 December 2020

Hero Fest 1996

Hey look. This is the poster of 1996 Hero Fest they had on Children's Day in Japan, when Super Sentai, Kamen Riders, Ultramen and Godzilla teamed up. Mothra, despite being on the poster, didn't bother showing up.

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Lamango Lamango 5 December 2020


I added an image of Unison from the Anosillus episode. Does she warrant her own page though?

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Lamango Lamango 31 October 2020

It's like Christmas

Gridman getting subbed on youtube. And it's still coming soon from Mill Creek.

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Lamango Lamango 21 October 2020

Oh man

Anyone else think this server migration is making it harder to answer message walls?

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Lamango Lamango 12 October 2020


Eeeeew, the new Wiki layout. Eeeeeew.

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We've moved to the Unified Community Platform.

It'll be very different. If you want to learn about it, see here.

Find out here.

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Lamango Lamango 28 September 2020

What's Michael, 1985

A giant calico cat wanders a city, taking on the JSDF, including Maser Tanks! He even takes a dump in the baseball field! But then, a tabby raises his beta capsule and transforms into MICHAEL CAT! And promptly dances away from danger. It's a fun little tribute to Kaiju and Ultraman. Check it out. https://twitter.com/NoConViolence/status/1310673737600110599?s=20

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GodzillaLouise1+EmpressGhidorah1 GodzillaLouise1+EmpressGhidorah1 20 November 2019

Ultrafan users: I swear to god, your disrespect for my Wiki is going to come to an end. One way, or another.

First off, I would like to say one thing. not to anyone but the following three users; The horribly disrespectful, god forsaken, and most demonic entities I have ever encountered, taking into consideration both my online experiences and in fucking real life: Cdr, Furno, and Kit, if even one of you doesn’t come on my fucking wiki to at least discuss how unfathomably stupid you were to have called my wiki a pointless endeavor within the next 48 hours, I will do whatever it takes to find a way to send you demons back to the pit of hell you came from. If this comes down to that, I wouldn’t even care if I’m sent to prison, at least you’ll be out of my blessed life.

Now, with that lovingly wonderful threat out of the fucking way, let us begin, s…

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King gomora King gomora 26 September 2020

why you like ultraman tiga

well i like tiga because he design so cool and both opening and ending are really good song

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SolZen321 SolZen321 25 September 2020

The Theme of Ultraman, or Why Tiga is the Most Important Modern Ultra

Note, before I get any haters...when I say Tiga is the most important modern Ultra, I do not mean he is the strongest, or that other Ultras don't matter. Take you fanboyism and...go away. For you sane folk let's begin.

Here's a question you don't need to answer, what is the overall theme of Ultraman? No, not theme song, I got hit by that joke alteady. No theme, like good vs evil, sacrifice, responsbility. Don't say light versus darkness because red versus blue is an almost as common theme in the series that dates back to the first episode of Ultraman.

I asked this question and the answers I got were:

  • stronger together
  • not judging those who are different
  • trying to find peaceful solutions unless there are not other options.
  • Hope

These are all wrong…

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Lamango Lamango 21 September 2020

Wait what?

Why do we use Terrible Monster instead of Chouju and Kaiju instead of Monster?

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Lamango Lamango 11 September 2020


I legit don't understand why Emerald is so against having Gigass listed as an 'Also Known As' in the description. It doesn't change the creature's official name. Is it so wrong? We have Jirass as an also known. We have Bemlar as an also known as. But no. He blocks me from the page before I can provide evidence. 

We also have over 10 years of media listing him as Gigass before his re-appearance in Ultraman Z. And even his concept art is labeled 'GIGAS' in Japanese books. We also have 'Priz-Ma' in the damn Prizuma page. But god forbid we put Gigass in a page ONCE. Not like it changed anything.

Should we drop the AKAs from the other Kaiju and Aliens?

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A man who loves kaiju A man who loves kaiju 9 September 2020

is there a company named GC? (Grammar changers?)

So uh i edit Grammar, do anything that is wrong...

so is there a company like SOAP that is named GC?

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Lamango Lamango 6 September 2020

I am bored

I got bored and decided to list all the Kaiju and Aliens that returned.

  • 1 Ultra Q
  • 2 Ultraman
  • 3 Kaiju Booska
  • 4 Ultraseven
  • 5 Fight! Mighty Jack!
  • 6 Commercials
  • 7 Return of Ultraman
  • 8 Mirrorman
  • 9 Redman
  • 10 Triple Fighter
  • 11 Ultraman Ace
  • 12 Jumborg Ace
  • 13 Ultraman Taro
  • 14 Fireman
  • 15 Ultraman Leo
  • 16 Exhibition Born Free
  • 17 Dinosaur War Izenborg
  • 18 The * Ultraman
  • 19 Ultraman 80
  • 20 Andros Melos
  • 21 Ultraman Story
  • 22 Gridman
  • 23 Heisei Ultraseven
  • 24 Ultraman Zearth films
  • 25 Ultraman Tiga
  • 26 Ultraman Dyna
  • 27 Ultraman Gaia
  • 28 Booska! Booska!!
  • 29 Ultraman Cosmos First Contact
  • 30 Ultraman Cosmos
  • 31 Ultraman Cosmos: Blue Planet
  • 32 Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy
  • 33 Ultraman Nexus
  • 34 Ultraman Max
  • 35 Ultraman Mebius
  • 36 Ultraseven X
  • 37 Ultra Galaxt
  • 38 Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness
  • 39 Superior 8 Ultra Brothers
  • 40 Ultra Galaxy Never Endi…

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Black Soulstone Black Soulstone 10 August 2020

Ultraman Taiga's Possible Theme: The Struggle Between Hope and Despair

After watching the whole episodes of Ultraman Taiga, I found the show was clearly never meant for Faint of Heart not just because of what kind of person Ultraman Tregear is, but also death counts and angst moments that may too much for children to handle that parental guidance may be advised at best. It's true Ultra series has a fair amount of dark and depressing but, for me this one stood out most cuz the conflict centered more about hope and despair instead of usual light and darkness.

Although it was stated that his name became associated with disasters and temptation in seven universes in the franchise, Tregear's actions in Ultraman Taiga showed that the fallen Ultra leaned more to some sort of despair and loneliness incarnate. He was suc…

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Leehonglocal Leehonglocal 21 July 2020

Snow White and the Seven Ultra Heroes

This idea of the non-existing story/movie, either animated, cgi or live-action, was what I was hoping and wishing for Tsuburaya and Bandai and others related to Tsuburaya and Bandai to notice this idea . It's about a Snow White character named Snowy and seven ultra heroes - Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace, Taro, Leo and 80. They're playing the role of the seven dwarfs, Snow White's guardians.

The story began with a queen died giving birth to Snowy. Her father, the king, married a queen, unknowing she's secretly selfish, wicked and tyrannical. In private, the wicked queen asked the spiritual face in the mirror who's the most beautiful/fairest of all. If there's any females who's the answer for that question, she'll threaten to make them ugly or h…

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Leehonglocal Leehonglocal 21 July 2020

New Ultraman Fighting Evolution Game

It'll be an Action/Fighting game developed and published by Banpresto. It will be the next entry entry to Ultraman Fighting Evolution series. That idea might/could cost a lot of hardware from the console due to a lot of characters.

  • 1 Playable characters
    • 1.1 Ultra Warriors
    • 1.2 Monsters and Aliens
    • 1.3 Non-Playable Characters
  • 2 Stages
  • 3 Episodes
    • 3.1 Episode 1
    • 3.2 Episode 2
    • 3.3 Episode 3
    • 3.4 Episode 4
    • 3.5 Episode 5
    • 3.6 Episode 6
    • 3.7 Episode 7
    • 3.8 Episode 8
    • 3.9 Episode 9
    • 3.10 Episode 10
    • 3.11 Episode 11
    • 3.12 Episode 12
    • 3.13 Episode 13
    • 3.14 Episode 14
    • 3.15 Episode 15
    • 3.16 Episode 16
    • 3.17 Episode 17
    • 3.18 Episode 18
    • 3.19 Episode 19
    • 3.20 Episode 20
    • 3.21 Episode 21
    • 3.22 Episode 22
    • 3.23 Episode 23
    • 3.24 Episode 24
    • 3.25 Episode 25
    • 3.26 Episode 26
    • 3.27 Episode 27
    • 3.28 Episode 28
    • 3.29 Episode 29
    • 3.30 Episode 30
  • 4 Trivia


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EmeraldCrosser EmeraldCrosser 24 June 2020

Are Choju considered Kaiju?

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UltraGrenburr12678 UltraGrenburr12678 11 June 2020

Ultraman Toy and IP Sales Since F.Y.E. 31 March 2006

All figures recorded are as at 31 March of the respective fiscal/financial year.

Data extracted from Bandai Namco's financial statements.

Toy Sales figures are for the Bandai Japan Toys and Hobby unit only. It is unclear if these include overseas sales.

This graph was made under the assumption that IP sales included Toy Sales, along with other revenues such as event tickets, home media releases, game revenues, etc.

Toy Sales-IP variance indicates reliance of total IP Sales on Toy Sales, a greater variance means less dependency on toys.

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GearmegaMix254 GearmegaMix254 12 October 2021

I took it on the road today

China has the authorization of Ultraman card (these are really not Bootleg and please forgive me for not being good)

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SolZen321 SolZen321 6 June 2020

Ultraman Z or Ultraman Zett: A Community Poll

Greetings Ultra Fan, and general users of the community. I'm making this post today to deal with a problem. In the upper echelons of the Wiki's community and management, there is an impasse. We have found ourselves at each other's throat over this topic, and I've since decided that it's best, if the entire community chooses, since we cannot break this stalemate ourselves. The question is thus: should we name the character page Ultraman Z or Ultraman Zett?

The basis of this debate is a debate of intent, what did the writers, the creators actually intend as the pronunciation and spelling of the character's name. For this reason the divide has resulted in two camps; Z or Zett.

  • Prior instances, such as Ace, where the series is spelled Ultraman A…

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Nathanhate Nathanhate 16 May 2020

The Ultra Family Tree

So I want to find out the structure of the Ultra's relations. I will take any ideas as to how based of of magazines, pure facts, etc. Here is the thing you can get ideas from for the parents of certain Ultras and what not. 

I enlarged the photo for detail. Hope it helps. Alright, gimme some good ideas!

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EmeraldCrosser EmeraldCrosser 21 April 2020

Origins of Ultras

There are two categories that need renaming Ultras from Other and Ultras from Unknown. Should we change them to Other Origin Ultras and Unknown Origin Ultras to follow the naming of other categories like Earth Ultras and O-50 Ultras. Or should they be changed to Ultras with Other Origins and Ultras with Unknown Origins?

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Just out of curiosity, I have a question regarding the majority of the Ultra Warriors, ranging from the Original Ultraman's Series through Taiga (specifications are in the blog)

I will not be wasting my time to write an entire blog, at least not right now, as I have other stuff I wish to accomplish within the next few hours, so I’ll just state the question and which Ultras I want included within the answer(s).

  • Ultraman
  • Zoffy
  • Ultraseven
  • Ultraman Jack
  • Ultraman Ace
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Father of Ultra
  • Mother of Ultra
  • Ultraman Leo
  • Astra
  • Ultraman Joneus
  • Ultraman King
  • Ultraman 80
  • Yullian
  • Ultraman Tiga
  • Ultraman Dyna
  • Ultraman Gaia
  • Ultraman Agul
  • Ultraman Cosmos
  • Ultraman Justice
  • Ultraman Legend
  • Ultraman Nexus
  • Dark Faust
  • Dark Mephisto
  • Ultraman Noa
  • Dark Zagi
  • Ultraman Max
  • Ultraman Xenon
  • Ultraman Mebius
  • Ultraman Hikari
  • Ultraman Zero
  • Ultraman Belial
  • Ultraman Ginga
  • Ultraman Victory
  • Ultraman Ginga Victory
  • Ultraman X
  • Ultraman Orb
  • Ultraman Geed
  • Ultraman Rosso
  • Ultraman Blu
  • Ultrama…

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UltraGrenburr12678 UltraGrenburr12678 12 April 2020

Messages from Ultraman actors

  • First 4 Ultra Brothers
  • Dyna, Cosmos, Ginga, Victory, X, Geed, R/B/G, Taiga
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SolZen321 SolZen321 9 April 2020

Villains in Review: Tregear

Welcome to Villains in Review, the blog series were I rant about villain in the franchise. A few things first. Outside material does not matter. I'm not judging these villains based on some extra piece of information added in a magazine, or novel to expand them. This is about how they were presented to us in the TV Series and movies. Secondly, if you cannot separate your opinion from your tastes, or just simply downright cannot tell the difference, you're a fanboy and your opinion is trivial. If you like a character is dislike, or vice versa, I have no problem with that or you. However, if you assume that's ground for a flame war, go suck on a...hose, and stop bothering everyone else.

Now if you're not a fanboy/girl, then lets continue, and…

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SolZen321 SolZen321 30 March 2020

Ultraman Nexus Bio Tech Theory

Sol here, with a Fan theory, one not directly connected to Ultra Biology (for once) but instead, about a whole bunch of biologies probably inspired by one Ultra in particular, Noa.

There's so much we as Western Fans don't get to see about the series, or know because that information is not accessible to most of us. This theory is based on findings and noticing certain...similarities between the Visitors, Zagi, and even the Space Beasts and certainly ties into a certain theme in Nexus that connects it with Cosmic Horror.

  • 1 The Basics
  • 2 Zagi is a rogue A.I.
  • 3 Ultraman, Everything Comes Back To Ultraman
  • 4 Final Thoughts

The Basic theory is that the Visitors, Zagi, especially when dealing with his form deprived of his Ultra body, and by extension his Da…

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