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Blazing Victory (燃えろ栄光 Moeru Eikō) is the twenty-sixth episode of Ultra Q.


Joe Aikawa, better known as Dynamite Joe, takes Japan by storm as he rises through a series of decisive victories to become the country's new boxing champion. Prior to the match for the world championship title however, Joe mysteriously disappears from the sports world, creating controversy towards his promoter. Some time later, as the investigative trio enjoys an evening of entertainment at a seaside resort, Jun recognizes a cavorting clown as Dynamite Joe in disguise. In his dressing room, Joe keeps his beloved pet, a small alligator named Peter, in a tank of water. When Joe's manager accidentally removes Peter from the tank, the creature suddenly grows large, frightening the man and escaping from the resort in the process. Jun confronts Joe, who can no longer hide his identity. He explains that his life was changed when he first caught Peter while fishing off the Phillipines. Joe discovered that not only could the small creature assume a larger form when out of water, but that it could telepathically communicate with him as well. Peter was also able to force the future for Joe, predicting all his boxing victories. When Peter predicted Joe's defeat at the World Championship however, Joe lost all his ambition to continue boxing. He now drowns his apathy in liquor between his performances as a clown. That night, Peter returns to the hotel and Joe tries to lead the creature back to water. Peter, however, accidentally overturns an oil barrel, causing a huge fire. Alone, Joe sets out to create his own destiny, now realizing that knowing the future destroys the ambition that drives us to realize out dreams.



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 7 features episodes 25-28, & Volume 7 Total Natural Color Blu-Ray features episodes 26-28.
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