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The Blast Shot (ブラストショット Burasuto Shotto) is a weapon that pairs with the Evoltruster, the transformation item wielded by Ultraman Nexus' human hosts. It is wielded by the Dunamists in Ultraman Nexus.


Appearing along side the Evoltruster, the weapon has been in the possession of every Dunamist, since Jun Himeya.


The Blast Shot has two modes, the Air Burst Mode and Gun Mode, it provides the Dunamist the following powers and abilities.

  • Air Burst Mode (エア・バーストモード Ea Bāsuto Mōdo): Unlike conventional firearms, the Blast Shot's grip is on the same position as the barrel.
    • Vacuum Shockwave: Like any gun, its purpose is to shoot things, it fires energy blasts that outclass the weaponry used by TLT. This can be charged and deliver a massive blast that can vaporize a small Space Beast in one hit.
    • Shields: A shot can be used to raise shields at a distance and dissolve Dark Ultra shields.
    • Exorcism: A special yellow shot can be used to remove pieces of Space Beasts or illusions from a human, safely freeing them from dark powers.
  • Gun Mode (ガンモード Gan Mōdo): By turning the grip downwards, the Blast Shot can act as a flare gun to summon Stone Fluegel, Nexus' spacecraft, where the Dunamists can heal their wounds. Ironically despite its name, offensive roles for the weapon has already used by the Air Burst Mode, leaving the Gun Mode on its aforementioned purpose.


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  • It is the only weapon to be related to an Ultra and the only weapon to come together with the transformation item.