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Black Star (ブラックスター Burakku Sutā) is the home world of Black Directive and Saucer Monsters. The entire planet is a living sentient creature.


  • Demon Planet (悪魔の星 Akuma no hoshi)
  • Planetary Saucer (遊星円盤 Yūsei enban)


Ultraman Leo

An unidentified, sentient planet located 10 million kilometers away from Earth, the planet-sized Kaiju was ordered by Black Directive to create and send saucer Kaiju to Earth for his invasion plans. However, all of the monsters sent had been eliminated one-by-one by Ultraman Leo. After the final saucer Kaiju Black End and Black Directive himself were killed, the Black Star made its own effort by throwing itself on a collision course with Earth, but Leo managed to destroy the sentient planet himself.


Ultraman Mebius

In Ultraman Mebius, it was revealed that Roberuga was created from remains of Black Star by Alien Empera.

Inhabitants (All Deceased)


  • Height: Planet-Sized
  • Weight: Planet-Sized
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Saucer Kaiju creation: The Black Star can create saucer monsters, though the process of doing so is not shown, they seem to randomly appear on the surface of the Black Star. Even after its destruction, the Black Stars remains were used to create Roberuga and its second generation by Alien Empera.
  • Space Travel: As a sentient planet, the Black Star can move itself through space.
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