Black Pigeon (ブラックピジョン Burakku Pijen) was a choju created by Yapool. He appeared in episode 18 of Ultraman Ace.

Subtitle: Large Pigeon Super-beast (大鳩超獣 Dai Hato Chōjū)


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 43,000 t
  • Origin: Yapool's dimension


Ultraman Ace

Using a small boy's pigeon named Kojiro (小次郎 Kojirō) as their personal test subject, Yapool transformed the harmless Kojiro into a ferocious choju. The avian monster was unleashed on Japan but was deterred by TAC. Black Pigeon caused a lot of damage, but Yapool was furious that his creation was on the loose without his orders. The boy recognized the monster as Kojiro. After the boy called Kojiro/Black Pigeon at a harbor, Black Pigeon appeared again. The Choju spat out flames of fire and unleashed hurricanes. As TAC was about to be burned by Black Pigeon, Hokuto and Minami called Ultraman Ace to fight the choju. The choju and the hero clashed, and it was clear that Black Pigeon had the upper hand, whacking Ace around with his chest spike and spewing his regurgitation fluid at him, before using his fire breath. Ace then begun to lose his energy as Black Pigeon used every extent of his abilities on the hero. The boy's pigeon whistle got the attention of the choju, and then Ace used energy beams on the creature, killing him. Afterwards, Black Pigeon reverted back to Kojiro, but remained dead.


  • Depending on the interpretation, some source stated that Yapool performs a brain transplant of Kojiro's to a space monster to give it a pigeon's homing capability.
  • In an alternate story by Mamoru Uchiyama, instead of dying, Kojiro revived as an ordinary pigeon after being defeated by Ace as Black Pigeon.

Powers and Weapons

  • Extreme Strength: Even when flying, Black Pigeon can lift heavy objects and move without it visibly slowing him down.
  • Flames: Black Pigeon can emit flames from his beak.
  • Beam Reflect: Black Pigeon can reflect beams back at their source.
  • Regurgitation: Black Pigeon can regurgitate white sticky fluid (which is probably Crop milk or stomach acid) at its opponent, which paralyses them for short periods of time. This fluid seems to be dissipated by fire.
  • Missile Thorn (ミサイルトゲ Misairu Toge): Black Pigeon has a large spike in his chest which he can use as a bludgeoning weapon, and he can also fire it from his body to attack opponents or cause destruction.
  • Hurricane Winds: Black Pigeon can create hurricane force winds from his wings.
  • Flight: Black Pigeon can fly at low speeds.


Due to Black Pigeon's creation from Kojiro, a trained homing pigeon, Black Pigeon will stop whatever he is doing and stand to attention whenever the pigeon whistle that was used to call him is used. This leaves Black Pigeon vulnerable for a brief period of time.



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