Black Mist (ブラック・ミスト) is the evil organization from the series Atzeckaiser.


An evil wrestling organization that uses lethal and dirty tactics to win fights and prove that they are the strongest organization in wrestling and take over the sport. They also seek to posses The Star of Aztec to become invincible.


  • Lord Luar: An Aztec demon face that is the leader of Black Mist.
  • Satan Demon: The commander of Black Mist and Lord Luar's subordinate.

    Satan Demon

Cyborg Martial Artists

The 13 cyborg wrestler assassins: Satan Demon's underlings who try to kill Azteckaiser to obtain The Star of Aztec.

Non-Cyborg Fighters

Black Mist combatants. They are a murderous combat unit manipulated by the spiritual technique of Satan Demon and act collectively. Not excellent in fighting alone but it is possible to battle a considerably strong opponent when in a group. In addition, under the mask they are flesh-and-blood human beings . In the last episode they are annihilated with the death of Satan Demon.

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