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Black King (ブラックキング Burakku Kingu) is one of the residents of the Alien City, and one of Jack's wrestling opponents.




Black King is one of the opponents Jack fights in the alien city gambling den's wrestling matches. Jack states that some time ago, Ultraman killed Black King's friend, which is why Black King hates Shinjiro Hayata, after overhearing that he is the new Ultraman. Black King tries to choke him, but stops when Dan Moroboshi scares him off. An Alien Town

Jack and the SSSP later set up Black King to rampage in the city to force Shinjiro to develop his powers. Shinjiro has no choice but to transform and fight but is initially unable to keep up with the monster's brute strength. He is flung into the crowd and almost kills a little girl, but due to his desire to protect others, he awakened the power of flight and managed to avoid getting anyone killed. Not holding back anymore, he used his newfound power and decapitated Black King. Hidden Thoughts


Black King was rampaging in California until Jack defeated it.


  • This monster is based on the original Black King.
  • This character was exclusive to the anime adaptation of ULTRAMAN, and replaced the character Red. Unlike Red, Black King has no speaking lines and communicates only through grunts and snarls. Black King was then written into the manga after the anime's premiere.
  • Black King's horns, spikes and teeth inexplicably grow larger in his fight against Shinjiro.


Powers and Weapons
  • Brute Strength: Black King's only power is his brute strength. He can easily pick up cars and throw them around.
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