"I hold no will. I was created to multiply and purify the atmosphere. That was my only job"

―Bizaamo's explanation about his past.
Bizaamo Render
Home world: Planet Bizaamo
First Appearance: Ultraman Tiga episode 31 "The Attacked GUTS Base"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 56 m
Weight: 52,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: People of Planet Bizaamo
Roar(s): TBA

Bizaamo (ビザーモ Bizāmo) is a kaiju that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Tiga. His early form was a blobbish life form named as The Life Form of Planet Bizaamo (惑星ビザーモの生命体 Wakusei Bizāmo no Seimei-tai). He appeared in episode 31.

Subtitle: Artificial Life Form (人工生命体 Jinkō Seimei-tai)


Ultraman Tiga

Bizaamo were genetically created creatures, made to counteract the greenhouse affect caused by pollution on an alien planet. However, the creatures were poorly programmed and kept producing oxygen until everything on the planet died and so on. Once the planet atmosphere was completely turned to oxygen, Bizaamo fled the dead planet in a crystal-like meteor, searching to continue with its programming, and landed in the South Pole. After being discovered by TPC, Bizaamo was studied, but its heavy expulsion of Oxygen poisoned the scientists, stopping them from studying it any further. Bizaamo then introduced itself to GUTS and informed them of its prime objective: to produce Oxygen by converting foreign chemicals. While GUTS was openly accepting of this display of the idea, Bizaamo's intentions were not based on compassion but rather cold heartless programming.

Bizaamo then took Horii of GUTS as his hostage and began sucking the electricity dry out of GUTS's HQ without there being anything that GUTS could do to stop it. However once Horii was able to divert a special password to his comrades, the base's power was diverted to a backup source, preventing Bizaamo from feeding any further. As a result, the Bizaamo blobs fled, taking both Rena and GUTS Wing 2, and fled to find an energy plant in a nearby city. GUTS was quickly in pursuit so Bizaamo quickly ejected itself into some power lines while Ultraman Tiga arrived to save Rena. Feeding off the mass quantities of electricity from the power lines, Bizaamo mutated further into a giant monster and fought with Tiga itself, who was trying to protect Rena during their fight. Once Rena was rescued however, Tiga quickly regained control of the fight and transformed into Power Type, tearing off Bizaamo's horn and arms, before destroying the life form with the Delacium Light Stream.



The Life Form of Planet Bizaamo
Bizaamo blobs
  • Height: Unidentified
  • Weight: Unidentified
  • Origin: Planet Bizaamo
Powers and Weapons
  • Oxygen Production: Bizaamo in blob form can produce and release Oxygen to potentially dangerous levels by taking in other chemicals and converting them.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Bizaamo can manipulate electricity for his own purpose:
    • Electric Shock: When touching a victim, the Bizaamo blobs can generate a paralyzing electrical shock.
    • Electronic Control: When needed, Bizaamo blobs can enter electronics such as computers and disturb how they work. They can even take control of vehicles.
    • Electricity Consumption: Bizaamo must constantly feed on electricity to power itself.
      • Multiplication: By consuming enough electricity, Bizaamo can split itself into more copies of itself.
  • Disguise: When within computers Bizaamo can create visual clones of people such as Horii, a GUTS member. The image always has a disturbing 'drowned' look to them.
  • Morph: Bizaamo can morph from blob form into physical form.

  • Height: Unknown (Human-sized), 56 m (Large)
  • Weight: Unknown (Human-sized), 52,000 t (Large)
  • Origin: Planet Bizaamo
Powers and Weapons
  • Electricity Manipulation: Bizaamo can manipulate electricity for his own purpose:
    • Electric Bolt: Bizaamo can fire a blue bolt of electricity from the horn on its head.
    • Electricity Shield: Bizaamo can create a small shield of electricity with its hands.
    • Electric Orbs: Bizaamo can fire a blast of purple, concentrated orbs filled with electricity from the stomach.
    • Electrocution: Bizaamo can electrocute its opponent by contact with its hands.
    • Electricity Consumption: Bizaamo must constantly feed on electricity to power itself.

Smaller version of Bizaamo can be killed with laser shots.


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