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Bioweapon Nova is a Kaiju from the ULTRAMAN manga, which is a clear reference to a saucer kaiju from Ultraman Leo. It first appeared in Volume 13, being sent by the Star Cluster Alliance.



Bioweapon Nova was sent by the Black Directive, a member of the Star Cluster Alliance, to kill the Leo Brothers after they surrendered to the SSSP. The beast landed in the middle of the city where the aliens and Ultramen were and began to indiscriminately destroy its surroundings. The Leo Brothers formed a team with the SSSP Ultramen, as they realized that they had become expendable, and fought back against the doll-like kaiju.

Despite initial success against Bioweapon Nova, the kaiju's red smoke caused interference with Shinjiro and Dan's suits. However, they regrouped with the Leo Brothers, Red and Adad and continued the battle, resulting in Nova's temporary incapacitation.

However, the Kaiju revived moments later and continued to fight. After a short struggle, Shinjiro removed his suit's limiter and vaporized half of Nova's head. The Star Cluster Alliance recalled their bioweapon from combat, leaving its opponents bewildered. In the aftermath of the battle, Edo berated Black Directive for his excessive attempt at silencing the Leo Brothers and Adad.


Powers and Weapons
  • Red Smoke: Bioweapon Nova can breathe a red smoke that acts as a jammer for technology.
  • Tentacles: Nova has many tentacles which it can use in combat.
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