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Bio Planet WoO
Bio Planet title card
Format: Kyodai Hero, Drama
Created by: NHK, Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Mitsuki Tanimura
Yazaki Hiroshi
Tomoka Kurotani
Toshiyuki Nagashima
Isao Toyohara Kosuke
Shigeki Kagemaru
Opening Theme: Guardian Angel
Ending Theme: Kasa wa Hitotsu de Tariru no Kana…" (傘はひとつで足りるのかな…?, "One Umbrella… Is it Enough?")
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 13
Running Time 28 min
Original Channel NHK
Original Air Date 9 April - 13 August 2006
Preceded by None
Succeeded by None

Bio Planet WoO (生物彗星WoO, Seibutsu Suisei Ū?) is a "kyodai" (giant hero) themed tokusatsu that premiered April 9, 2006 and aired at 7:30pm on NHK and ran for 13 episodes. WoO was one of many unused ideas created by the late-Eiji Tsuburaya as story connecting to the show, Ultra Q. The story revolves around a living creature which came from a comet named WoO; in the series, WoO is befriended by a young girl named Ai; both are chased by a mysterious organization called SWORD who sees WoO as a threat to humanity. At the same time, giant monsters have invaded in search of WoO. The story itself follows the original script Tsuburaya intended for the show.

Main characters

  • WoO: The only survivor of his species, wandered in space until he crashed on Earth. There, he befriended Ai and develops a strong bond with her that he'd protect her at any cost. He uses his antennae to connect to electronic devices (mainly a cell phone) to communicate with Ai.
  • Ai Kumasiro: Junior high school 2nd grade. She stays with her mother and loves soccer. She travels with WoO after their encounter. Her school is then attacked by a giant monster, which resulted in her being the lone survivor of the attack.
  • Kiyomi Kumasiro: Ai's mother and secondary chief editor at the magazine "CHEMISTRY."
  • Akita: A reporter of magazine "CHEMISTRY" of the same publisher as Kiyomi.
  • Kotaro: Ai's classmate. After he leaves working in the Convenient Store; his dream is to become a movie director. He seems to be attracted to Ai. Later mutated into Gelbile MK in episode 10.

SWORD Organization

  • 'Yaman: The leader of SWORD. It reveals that his daughter was killed in the incident that Ai survived and because of that holds a personal vendetta against the alien life forms, including WoO.
  • 'Kirishi: Field Agent for SWORD.
  • Katsura: Field Researcher for SWORD, she eventually becomes an ally to Ai and WoO helping them escape from her colleagues.
  • Sakuraba: Field Agent of SWORD who keeps tabs on Ai and WoO.
  • Nagakura: Biological Researcher for SWORD. He uses WoO's artifact and turns into the monster Gelnoide in episodes 12 and 13.
  • Gonda: Katsura's sweetheart and ace combat specialist for SWORD's mobile unit. He is portrayed by Shigeki Kagemaru (who played GUTS Member Tetsuo Shinjou in  Ultraman Tiga).
  • Waver: Head of SWORD's mobile unit and his part of SWORD's US branch in Arizona.


  1. He Fell from Outer Space! (あいつが宇宙から落ちてきた! Aitsu ga Uchū kara Ochite Kita!)
  2. I Will Be Killed! (わたし殺される!Watashi Korosareru!?)
  3. Hero? Born (ヒーロー?誕生Hīrō? Tanjō?)
  4. WoO, Don't Die (WoO、死なないでWū, Shinanai de?)
  5. Counterattack Orders (迎撃命令Geigeki Meirei?)
  6. Farewell WoO (さよならWoOSayonara Wū?)
  7. New Terror (新たなる恐怖Arata Naru Kyōfu?)
  8. My Whereaboouts (わたしの居場所Watashi no Ibasho?)
  9. Cornered (追いつめられてOitsumerarete?)
  10. Sorry, Kotaro (ごめんね、小太郎Gomen ne, Kotarō?)
  11. Love For All (ラブ・フォー・オールRabu Fō Ōru?)
  12. The Final Battle (最後の闘いSaigo no Tatakai?)
  13. Bonds to the Future (未来への絆Mirai e no Kizuna?)



Woo Manga

BioPlanet WoO manga

BioPlanet also had a manga that ran for six chapters of a single volume collection. Unlike the show, the manga Bio Planet WoO only featured Small WoO and no giant monsters, and is considered a slice of life.


Opening theme
"Guardian Angel" by Splash Candy
Ending theme
"Kasa wa Hitotsu de Tariru no Kana…" (傘はひとつで足りるのかな…?, "One Umbrella… Is it Enough?") by Girls On The Run (ガールズ・オン・ザ・ラン Gāruzu On Za Ran?)


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