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Betrayal Sun (太陽の背信, Taiyō no Haishin) is the third and final Ultraseven 30th Anniversary Memorial Trilogy episode of Heisei Ultraseven.


In the vicinity of Miyanishi Village deep in the mountains, reports emerged of a phenomenon where the soil of mountains and fields was turning into pure gold. When the members of the UG went to investigate, what they witnessed were people who had lost their desires and become listless. Everyone kept saying, "We became like this after seeing that 'eye'," but...


Golds suddenly appeared everywhere in the Miyanishi Village, turning most of the villagers against each other as a result of their greed. Dan and the Ultra Guard were sent to investigate the case, especially when a mysterious eyeball frequently appearing to absorb the villagers’ own greed. A trio of teenagers intrude the Inada family’s house and kidnapped a woman with them. When Kazamori and Shima try to interfere, the eyeball creature absorbed their agitation, turning all five of them into mindless puppets against Dan. Dan was forced to take on Kazamori’s form again and bring Shima back to his senses.

They returned to the ransacked house earlier and discover the Inada family had no interest in gold and merely satisfied with their life. The oldest patriarch was originally an Atomic Physics professor who moved on to the countryside to spend his retirement in proving that mankind only need little energy than how much they desired. “Kazamori” reported to Shiragane of the eyeball’s ability to feed on greed and anger, in short, mankind’s Minus Energy. He leads them to a stargate and eventually the creature introduced himself as Banderas, an extension of the sun of his own namesake system. After 10 billion years of supporting life on his system, the Banderas Sun is slowly dying and it started to absorb the abundance of Minus Energy on Earth to support his civilizations. In exchange for mankind’s cooperation, Banderas would grant eternal peace to planet Earth.

Shiragane decided to discuss this matter with the high executives of TDF, while the rest of the UG continue doing their research and “Kazamori” voluntarily stayed behind in observing the Miyanishi Village. Furuhashi delivered the conclusion that UG would destroy the stargate linking to Earth and Banderas. Despite Satomi’s protest, Furuhashi decided that mankind are the only ones fit to solve their own problems instead of relying on outside forces. At night, Dan decided to release Kazamori and left the Earth as Seven.

The next day, Banderas hypnotized the villagers into fighting against the Ultra Guard. With Kazamori and Shima delaying the villagers, Satomi became hesitant in detonating the stargate until Dan returned from his trip to Banderas to reveal the truth: all of its native life forms had already left the system for another planet, thus Banderas System has become uninhabitable. Unable to accept that he was abandoned by his residents, he transformed into a giant monster and fought the Ultra Guard. Dan transformed into Seven, throwing his Eye Slugger against the monster’s sole eyeball and finally freezing it to brought to outer space for a safer detonation via Wide Shot.

At night, Dan had a proper reunion with Furuhashi, the two reassuring that mankind still had their future before his departure to outer space.


Guest Actors[]

  • Eijiro Inada (イナダ・エイジロウ, Inada Eijirou): Gozo Soma (相馬 剛三, Sôma Gôzô)
  • Mari (マリ): Mika Kawai (河合 美佳, Kawai Mika)
  • Daichi (ダイチ): Yoshiyuki Sugiura (杉浦 由之, Sugiura Yoshiyuki)
  • Hata (ハタ): Hiroshi Miyasaka (宮坂 ひろし, Miyasaka Hiroshi)
  • Peasant (農夫, Nōfu): Shuntaro Iizuka (飯塚 俊太郎, Iizuka Shuntarō)
  • Yoshie (ヨシエ): Rinko Daichi (大地 輪子)
  • Youth (若者, Wakamono): Nobuo Okubo (大久保 乃武夫, Ōkubo Nobuo)
  • Monk (老僧, Rōsō): Shingo Uchide (打出 親五, Uchide Shingo)
  • Banderas (バンデラス, Banderasu, Voice): Hiroshi Banno (萬野 展, Ban'no Hiroshi)

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