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Bemutan (ベムタン Bemutan) is a small alien lizard that appeared in the series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Mini Monster (ミニ怪獣 Mini Kaijū)



Bemutan started out as an egg that was raised by a young Alien Emusa that lived in a small village. Shortly after Alien Emusa was brought in by a kind old fisherman, he noticed that the lizard's egg was about to hatch. Upon hatching head first, Bemutan was greeted with joy by his young master. This caught the attention of two local men that were tracking down Alien Emusa and briefly harassed him and Bemutan until the fisherman defended him with a rake. This was so interrupted by the arrival of Devilsaurus. The Scientific Attack Force tried to distract the creature to little avail. Seeing no other choice but to fight, Alien Emusa fused with Bemutan to become the giant Bemusa King.


  • Height: 30 cm (estimate)
  • Weight: None
  • Origin: Planet Argo
Powers and Weapons
  • Fusion: Bemutan can fuse with Alien Emusa to become Bemusa King.
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