Bemular (ベムラー Bemurā) is a reptilian-like being who served as one of the prototypes of the original Ultraman.


Back then when designing the plan for another series, TBS approached Tsuburaya with three conditions:

  • Produce the series in technicolor.
  • Introducing a monster fighting at the side of justice.
  • Leave a regular actor of Ultra Q in that series.

Based on the scrapped Fuji TV series Woo, which focuses on "the friendly alien that actively helps humanity", a tentative idea was born as Scientific Special Search-Party: Bemular (科学特捜隊 ベムラー Kagaku Tokusō Tai - Bemurā). In the documented project, the SSSP investigate paranormal incidents that are beyond common senses and the main character is a person who survived the plane crash and becomes a hero, but his relation to Bemular was not realized. The appearance of Bemular at that time was inspired by the legendary creatures of the Japanese culture (specifically Karasu Tengu) but unfortunately, he was scrapped due to finding the ability to differentiate the enemy character is rather confusing, as well as the main character's presence is rather "weak".

What remains from this character was saved to the iconic monster of the same name that appeared in the first episode of the finalized series, Ultraman. In said episode, Bemular is portrayed as a fugitive who escaped during as escort towards the Monster Graveyard, taking refuge on the Ryugamori Lake on Earth and indirectly setting forth the motion of the series when Ultraman's travel sphere crashes with Hayata's Sub VTOL.

Existence in the Ultraman Series

Although originally a concept art, it came into existence as one of monsters that make up Belyudra's right horn, according to Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie Super Complete Works magazine in 2010. Despite Bemular not having a role of its own, it can presumed that said figure was a resident of the Monster Graveyard due to its own death and like all of Belyudra's components, they revolted against the formation after Rei hijacked Ultraman Belial's Giga Battle Nizer, allowing Ultraman Zero to finish off the fallen Ultra at once.

Interestingly, its monster counterpart also made an appearance at the beginning of the movie as it was chased by Ultraman Mebius and met its end from the latter's Mebium Shoot on Planet Alpha. After its death, the monster with the same namesake became one of the components that make up Belyudra's left arm.


  • There is also another Ultra Kaiju whose design taken from a Karasu Tengu, namely Blitz Blots from Ultraman Gaia.
  • On a Redman comic variant cover, Redman is seen fighting the birdman Bemular in shadow, it was later revealed to be its own creature, Bemdora.
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