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"That power should not exist on Earth."

―Bemular to Shinjiro

Bemular (べムラー Bemurā) is a character in the ULTRAMAN anime series. He is an enigmatic being who has both worked with and against the protagonists and antagonists alike, and holds most of the greatest secrets to the story overall.


Bemular's agenda is a mystery other than the fact that he initially wanted the Hayata father and son dead. However, he seemed to be more interested in Shinjiro's developing Ultraman Factor after their first confrontation. Bemular was also willing to save Seiji's life, showing that he is capable of compassion at least to a degree.



The image of Bemular was shown on the video of the attack on a plane which he seemingly instigated twelve years prior to the series' present. Bemular's appearance made Shin Hayata regain his missing memories of his time as Ultraman's host, when he sees Bemular in a video shown to him by Ide. He had saved the wounded Seiji Hokuto and brought him to Yapool, giving him a sort of adopted family to live with.

Years later, Bemular stalks down Shinjiro Hayata knowing that he has superhuman powers and was intent on killing the boy. Bemular appears before Shinjiro and attacks him, proclaiming that the kind of power Shinjiro has should not be on Earth, ensuing the chase across several rooftops until they reached a stadium. Cornering the boy, Bemular moves in for the kill, only to be repelled by Shin Hayata wearing a powered suit. A Power That Does Not Belong On Earth

After Shin gets his son out of the battlefield, Bemular fights against Shin and easily defeats him. Bemular prepared to finish off Shin, but was interupted by Shinjiro, who came back down and wore the Ultraman Suit given to him by Mitsuhiro Ide. With Ide's guidance, Shinjiro used the Ultraman suit's capabilities to do battle against Bemular, faring even better than his father did. Eventually, Ide got Shinjiro to fire the Spacium Beam at Bemular, but the alien survived with only his left arm being lost. Bemular then introduced himself to Shinjiro, and then left while Shinjiro passed out. An Inevitable Fate

He was revealed to have been watching Shinjiro's battle against Alien Adacic, and commented after the battle that he could move on to the next phase of his plan. Release the Limiter! He was later seen watching over Yosuke Endo and Kurata after they chased down Igaru. An Alien Town Bemular later appeared to challenge Shinjiro during the battle against Agent Adad at Rena's concert. He slices off the roof of the building, causing it to fall but Shinjiro manages to hold it up. After all was said and done, Bemular left, flying away. The Dawn of Truth

Adad later meets up with Bemular to talk about the airplane tragedy 12 years ago. He believes that Bemular did not destroy the plane, but was instead trying to protect it. Bemular keeps silent, but tells him that he is being too nosy. Star Cluster Council Learning about Seiji's actions, he pays a visit to Yapool to talk to him about it. Yapool also assesses that something is wrong with him after a checkup, and asks if he really is going to go up against the Star Cluster Alliance, to which he confirms, saying that he would not have taken up his current form if he weren't. Always Stay the Way You Are When Ace Killer, who perpetrated the airline tragedy years ago, attacked an oil rig in search of Yuko Minami, Bemular appeared and brought the girl to safety. Ace Killer

Bemular appears again after Ace Killer is destroyed. His hatchet emits a signal to a spaceship, which drops a bomb towards Earth. Bemular fires a Spacium Beam at it, destroying both the bomb and the spaceship. Shinjiro confronts him expecting a fight, but Bemular states that it would not be necessary now that Shinjiro has fully "awakened". He takes Seiji away to save his life, and states that it would not be the first time he saved a human. The Real Ultraman



  • Height: 2.19 m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown

Powers and Weapons

  • Combat Power: Bemular possesses the strength to battle both Shin Hayata and his son, overpowering the older of the Ultra hybrids due to his advance age and fighting with Shinjiro at an equal pace. He also picked up a portion of the stadium he was fighting in and threw it. It was later stated by Shin himself that Bemular was not serious during their fight and could've killed the older Hayata at his leisure.
  • Durability/Endurance: Bemular possesses incredible durability, taking blows from father and son Ultra hybrids at full strength and not only surviving but shaking it off.
  • Energy Slash: Bemular can unleash an arc of blue energy that can slice through objects.
  • Lasers: Bemular can fire red lasers from his hands, either in bursts or continuous streams. These can cause explosions and slice through objects.
    • Energy Sphere: Using his hand, Bemular can form a massive sphere of energy to throw at his enemy.
  • Heat Ray: Bemular charges his mouth with energy and causes an explosion.
  • Spacium Beam: Bemular has his own version of Spacium Beam, which is strong enough to decimate a spaceship in one blast.
  • Flight: Bemular can fly under his own power.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Bemular starts with his second suit in the anime.
  • He seems to be much more brutal in the anime, as shown when he drove his hand though Shin's torso.
  • After Shinjiro blasts him with the Spacium Beam, Bemular lost his entire left side and part of his mask in the manga. However, in the anime, he loses only his left arm.
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