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"Once you take hold of me, what will you do?"

―Beliarok asking when a user holds it for the first time.

The Beliarok[2] (ベリアロク Beriaroku) is a sword with an arm guard themed after Ultraman Belial's head. It is capable of speech and intelligent thought.[2] He is currently held in Ultraman Z's possession, but is willing to be wielded by other users for as long as they are able to satiate his desire in battle.

Subtitle: Phantom World Sword (幻界魔剣 Genkai Maken)


Ultraman Z

The Beliarok was originally a space needle embedded into Greeza to seal the living anomaly if it were ever to be freed, and such was the case with Bullton's death. This legend is well-known in outer space, that according to Ultraman Z, it was also a widespread rumor in the Land of Light, which he heard while on a school bus in his youth.

Z/Haruki reaching for the Beliarok within Greeza

When Ultraman Geed was absorbed into Greeza, he had hoped to obtain the needle but his efforts failed as the Ultra was slowly absorbed into nothingness. However, the needle had pricked Geed prior, and a drop of blood with the Belial Factor resonated with the needle, transforming it into a sword with Belial's features. After using the Z Riser to pierce through Greeza, Z managed to claim the device, but as it was given sentience which manifested in a wilful personality akin to that of Belial himself, the Beliarok initially refused to cooperate until it was given a formal introduction and reason to fight. Once Haruki Natsukawa gave his proper introduction, the sword complied and proceeded to help Z destroy the monster. A Warrior's Duty

During a fight against Alien Barossa II, Z was disarmed of the Beliarok, just as the alien had hoped for. Upon being reached by the alien, Beliarok asked what it would do if it was wielded. Hearing that the alien would use it to plunder the treasures of the universe, Beliarok consented to be wielded, but quickly found the Alien Barossa's attacks to be quite boring and refused to continue to be wielded by it. Shrinking down to a human's size, Beliarok was reached again by Jugglus Juggler. Hearing that Juggler wandered on an aimless journey, Beliarok initially wasn't interested, but gave its consent upon hearing that there was someone Juggler wanted to cut with the Beliarok. Watching the ensuing fight between Z and Barossa, Juggler noted that Z was taking a beating, only for Beliarok to observe that an overconfident fighter would leave an opening, and Z was waiting for that opening. Once Z took his chance, Beliarok left Juggler, saying that Haruki seemed like he would be more interesting to travel with. Once again asking Haruki what he would do, hearing Haruki admit that he wasn't sure caused Beliarok to tell Haruki that he was extremely green, but that simply meant he might eventually grow enough to cut something interesting. Granting its consent, the Beliarok once again allowed Z to wield it, but departed afterwards, declaring that it would slice what it wanted, whenever it wanted. Beliarok

During the battle against Alien Barossa III and Jugglus Juggler as Tri-King (and later, Five King), Yoko Nakashima found the Beliarok on the ground while piloting Sevenger, after Z had dropped it while fighting Tri-King, as Beliarok stubbornly weighted himself down after Haruki told him he had fought Five King once before. As Yoko attempted to have Sevenger pick up the Beliarok, the sentient weapon introduced himself, but refused to fight. However, with a little convincing and reverse psychology from Yoko, Beliarok allowed himself to be wielded by Sevenger, the machine becoming his third user. Beliarok proved crucial in defeating Alien Barossa III alongside Sevenger and King Joe STORAGE Custom's Leg Carrier, forming one third of Sevenger's improvised Sevenger Wave-Riding Special Slash which the machine used to put Barossa III down for good. Individual Tomorrows

During the fight against Destrudos, Beliarok attacked the composite monster with all of his known abilities and while absorbing the Destrudo D4 Ray, he seemingly sacrificed himself to pierce the D4 cannon. The resulting explosion regressed Z to his Original form but as it seemed that the sentient weapon's sacrifice was in vain (due to Destrudos' recently acquired ability to regenerate), Z/Haruki took this opportunity to continue the fight and finally destroying the composite monster on their own. At the end of the battle, Beliarok returns to Z/Haruki, revealing himself capable of self-resurrection and agrees in accompanying them in their travel towards the outer space. Warriors Shining Beyond

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

While Z was fighting Gina Spectre as Delta Rise Claw alongside Geed Royal Megamaster, the Beliarok decided to be wielded by Geed after sensing a "familiar scent" within him and also because Haruki was not with Z at the moment. However, the Beliarok returned to Z after Geed joined the New Generation Heroes to fuse into Ultraman Reiga to defeat Gua Spectre before defusing back to his components while Z finishes off Mecha Baltan and Cyber Mecha Baltan. After assaulting Taiga and Geed, the parallel isotopes of Belial and Tregear retreat shortly after, with the former taking the Beliarok from Z. The sentient weapon allows Belial to use him, but later returns to Z once he finished his observation, and together, the two combined their energies against the Parallel Isotope. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

During Alien Barossa IV's theft of King Joe STORAGE Custom, Beliarok was separated from his owners when the alien pirate used his Bullton to escape into another dimension. He manages to find Z/Haruki in the world where events of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga taking place, fighting alongside Ultraman Trigger to take down Alien Barossa. Inter Universe After Z and Trigger were forced to destroy King Joe STORAGE Custom, Beliarok reveals himself after being absent from the previous battle and revealing his ability to traverse in-between dimensions. Z/Haruki took the opportunity to return to their home dimension with the SC-3's salvaged remains while entrusting Akito to fix their damaged Z Riser. The Propagating Invasion

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Z Alpha Edge returns to Trigger's world, two years after the defeat of Megalothor to fight against Pagos with Beliarok's assistance.[3] Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z


  • Reversal: The Beliarok can swallow an enemy's attack before redirecting it back at them.
  • Energy Slash: Z can unleash a purple energy slash from the Beliarok.
  • Deathcium Splitter (デスシウムスプリッター Desushiumu Supurittā): A beam fired from the Beliarok's eyes. It can be used to attack or temporarily split two fused beings.
  • Deathcium Slash (デスシウムスラッシュ Desushiumu Surasshu): Pressing the button thrice, Z slashes a "Z" through the opponent's body with the Beliarok.
    • Another variation has Z trace a "Z" in the air, then thrust the sword to generate an energy drill with which he impales the opponent.
    • A third variation is a slashing energy wave from the sword, powerful enough to split an alien from its host and tear open a dimensional rift.
  • Deathcium Fang (デスシウムファング Desushiumu Fangu): Pressing the button twice, an apparition of Belial's head chomps down on the opponent.
  • Deathcium Claw (デスシウムクロー Desushiumu Kurō): Pressing the button once, Z impales the Beliarok into the ground. It summons two giant claws to form a binding ring of energy. It can be used for offensive means like using the energy claws to stab the opponent multiple times.
  • Final Break (ファイナルブレイク Fainaru Bureiku): Energy projectiles launched by Alien Barossa.
  • Sevenger Wave-Riding Special Slash (セブンガー波乗りスペシャルスラッシュ Sebungā Naminori Supesharu Surasshu): A three-way combination attack with Sevenger and King Joe STORAGE Custom. Sevenger rides on top of King Joe STORAGE Custom's Leg Carrier and is propelled at speed towards the target. Once in range, Sevenger delivers a heavy slash from the Beliarok, critically damaging the opponent.
  • Density Manipulation: The Beliarok can manipulate his own density to his own liking. This is usually done to defy his wielders and preventing an outside force from using him without his own permission.
  • Electric Shock: From his head, the Beliarok can unleash a small bolt of electricity. Although it does not harm the user, its sole intent is to prevent anyone from touching it without the sword's own permission.
  • Flight: The Beliarok is capable of anti gravity flight.
  • Size Change: Beliarok's default form is a smaller weapon shaped like an oversized dagger. Should anyone was given the permission to wield him, he will change his size into a combat-oriented form, either in human size or a giant to be wield by an Ultraman-sized figure.
  • Self-repair: Beliarok can somehow repair itself after destruction, and claims to be "immortal".
  • Dimensional Travel: The Beliarok can cut through the walls between dimensions, allowing Z to travel between universes.
  • Zestium Death Burst (ゼスティウムデスバースト Zesutiumu Desu Bāsuto): An empowered Zestium Beam, used when he changes into Deathcium Rise Claw (provided that he is still holding Beliarok on his right hand). While doing so, the fired Zestium energy turns reddish in a similar manner to Belial's Deathcium Beam.


  • At the time of Ultraman Z, the official website claims that Delta Rise Claw is the only form capable of holding the Beliarok.[4] However, his later appearance in Ultraman Trigger establishes that this is no longer the case, as Original is capable of wielding it. A possible reason for this is due to Z's growth in strength (evidenced from his fight against Destrudos after being regressed to Original), hence he is now able to hold the weapon without any setback regardless of the form he chooses to assume.

The Juggler Sword as designed by Tsuyoshi Nonaka.[5]

  • Dynazenon's designer, Tsuyoshi Nonaka, wrote an interview in the 40th and final volume of the Ultra Tokusatsu Perfect Mook magazine, specifically pertaining to Ultraman Z. In it, he acknowledges the similarity of Beliarok and the Byakkoshinken from Gosei Sentai Dairanger as sentient weapons who interact with their wielders, but stated that the weapon's introduction into the second half of the series is abrupt. Furthermore, he finds the idea of Beliarok having Ultraman Belial as a design motif and wielded by Ultraman Z and Haruki is unfit, since the original Belial had his dynamic revolves alongside Ultraman Zero and Geed. If any, he felt that changing the design motif to Jugglus Juggler would be fitting, due to the alien's relationship with Haruki and Z during the course of the series, as well as the fact that like Beliarok, Juggler is also a character who usually takes a neutral stance during conflict and merely joins in it for his own personal interest.
    • To commemorate his idea above, Nonaka also designs a hypothetical alternative to the Beliarok, a sword themed after Juggler's Majin form and his Jashin Blade. Nonaka calls this as the Juggler Sword (ジャグラー剣 Jyagurā Ken).


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