Belial Army (ベリアル軍団 Beriaru Gundan), or called as the 100 Monster Army (100体怪獣軍団 Hyakutai Kaijū Gundan), is the second faction that made their attack on the Land of Light, shortly followed by the Empera Army. This group was comprised of Ultraman Belial and his 100 Battle Nizer monsters, commanded through his Giga Battle Nizer.


Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

After Belial was exiled from the Land of Light and his transformation into a Reionics, he commanded the army through his Giga Battle Nizer to invade his former homeworld. This event was regarded as Belial Revolt by many until he was imprisoned by Ultraman King for his actions, while his entire army went defunct.

In the present day, Belial was freed by Zarab and successfully stole the Plasma Spark, freezing most of the Ultra Warriors in that planet. Making his way to the Monster Graveyard, Belial revived the deceased Ultra Kaiju and reform his past army, only to be destroyed the resistances. In a last ditch effort, Belial combined with most of the Monster Graveyard residents (some of which were his own army) into Beryudora until he was defeated by Ultraman Zero.



  • In one scene, two of the kaiju Frogos and Angross can be seen.
  • Even two of the kaiju Birdon can be seen, one to the left and one on the center right.
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