Beginning of Ultraman (ウルトラマンはじめました Urutoraman Hajimemashita) is the first episode of Ultraman R/B.


Ayaka City is a peaceful place where ordinary life is disrupted when a giant monster appears. Ushio Minato, who runs the clothing store Quattro M, has two sons, Katsumi and Isami, who are caught up in the rampage of the fire monster. When a moment of desperation comes, the curtain opens on a story of families as the two brothers gain the ability to become Ultraman.


R/B Crystal Navi

  • Katsumi & Isami: R/B Crystal Navi!
  • Isami: We are going to be studying R/B Crystals now Katsumi!
  • Katsumi: Yeah. Today's this!
  • R/B Gyro: Ultraman Taro!
  • Isami: Ultraman Taro wields the flame technique Ultra Dynamite. Transforming using the Taro Crystal, allows us to use flame powers just like Taro!
  • Katsumi & Isami: Be sure to watch next time!


Suit Actors




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