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Beautiful Challenger (美しきチャレンジャー Utsukushiki charenjā) is the twenty-fifth episode of Ultraman 80.


Jun is a UGM trainee, who challenges Emi multiple times. But when an alien attacks, her ambition just might be too much..


Emi Jouno is visiting the female trainees for UGM, when a girl named Jun challenges her in kendo. There is a brief sparring match, which Emi wins. Later, she observes her flight training, and learns that she wants to make entrance in twenty days, and that her mother gave her only one year to train. Just then, Argon's saucers attack.

Yamato and another attack. One of the saucers is taken down and Yamato goes to investigate while the other man pursues the other. However, Jun was there first. She found a wounded man and took him in, aware that he is Argon in disguise. Meanwhile, the remaining saucer escapes into lunar orbit. Worrying about the lack of alien signals, the captain theorizes the aliens took human form to sneak into the UGM.

Argon begins a transmission, and Emi detects it, but the machine is unable to find locations within 5km of its radius. UGM splits up to find the alien. Emi hears Jun tell the story of a UGM trainee who captured an alien on his own and was promoted for it, and asks her if she knows anything. She denies it.

Jun goes and brings medicine and food to the alien, and asks why he intends to attack earth. He tells her the UFOs will attack Hong Kong at 8:00 pm. Jun later messages the captain and tells Emi she will bring them the source of the information in one hour. The Captain orders Emi to bring Jun back to HQ.

Jun brings the alien out, but he reveals he fooled her and, summoning the remaining saucer, transforms into Argon. He is about to kill her when Emi and Takeshi come to the rescue. Emi takes her away, and Argon is engaged by tanks. Jun leaves alone in one of UGM's planes. She is taken out of the air, but Takeshi transforms into 80 and saves her.

After the monster is defeated, Jun thinks she should go home. Emi convinces her to stay, telling her everyone goes out of control when young. She then tells the cadet she wants to become a captain. The episode ends.






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  • Ultraman 80 Volume 7 features 25-28.
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