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Beam Missile King (ビームミサイルキング Bīmu Misairu Kingu) is a robot that was made from a winning entry of the Televi-Kun's "Strongest Robot Monster Competition".[1] In Televi-Kun related media, Beam Missile King is a creation of Empera Army as one of their fighting forces.

After years of being remained as a stage show extra, Beam Missile King made its live action appearance in Sevenger Fight episode 8.

Subtitle: Fortress Robot (要塞ロボット Yōsai Robotto)



Beam Missile King was designed by Pyon, while further clean-up was made by Hiroshi Maruyama into its suit version.[2]


Ultra Heroes EXPO THE LIVE

An empowered variant of Beam Missile King was one of the fighting forces of Planet Invasion Union in their attempt to invade Planet O-50. This variant is known as Perfect Beam Missile King (パーフェクトビームミサイルキング Pāfekuto Bīmu Misairu Kingu).[3] It fought against Ultraman Fuma and eventually other future members of the Tri-Squad. Ultra Heroes EXPO THE LIVE


  • According to Ultraman Taiga Super Complete Works page 117, this variant of Beam Missile King only had a pair of enhanced arms. Although the costume itself incorporated the limbs of Perfect King Joe, nothing has ever indicated this robot to be a fusion with Crazygon and Nurse.

Sevenger Fight

In GAF's Suflan Island branch, Beam Missile King was originally an immobile fortress of turrets used to protect the GAF facility stationed in there while a research using freezing liquid was taken place. Unfortunately a cosmic ray radiated said fortress and converting it into Beam Missile King, set into attacking the facility it was meant to protect. Haruki in Sevenger was dispatched to fight against the robot while trying to avoid colliding with STORAGE's 4WD Stowler. While struggling with Beam Missile King's array of cannons, Sevenger whips out the Type-20 Bayonet Type 2 dagger and slices the robot, causing it to spray a spark. Sevenger further punched the robot and it burst into an explosion. At the end of the battle, Sevenger/Haruki purposefully placed his teammates' Stowler on top of a rock after getting tired of their nagging. Sevenger Fight


  • Beam Missile King's original fortress form is portrayed by stacking parts of its suit to form a building.
  • Beam Missile King's inclusion was under Televi-Kun's suggestion, as they hold the proprietorship of the Ultra Kaiju due to its association with their contest, as well as Sevenger Fight's last three episodes were released in a DVD under Televi-Kun's brand.


  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 55,000 t
  • Origin: Space (original), Suflan Island (Sevenger Fight)
  • Weakness: As it focuses on ranged combat, Beam Missile King lacks melee combat proficiency. As evidence, it was easily destroyed by Sevenger through close combat.
Powers and Weapons
  • Cannons and Missiles: Beam Missile King's body consists of of missile launchers and cannons. Among them are:
    • Shoulder Missile (ショルダーミサイル Shorudā Misairu): Missile Launchers fitted on his shoulders.
    • Mega Launcher (メガランチャー Mega Ranchā): Missile launchers on its back, capable of launching a barrage of deadly missiles.
    • Giant Missile (ジャイアントミサイル Jaianto Misairu): Missile launchers on Beam Missile King's chest, storing two larger missiles.
    • Arm Cannons: Twin arm cannons.
    • Leg Cannons: Built-in cannons on each legs.

Other Media

Ultra Brothers vs Dark Army

Built by Deathrem alongside Crash Riser, both robots were sent to attack the Ultra Brothers.[4]

Ultraman Festival 2009

Beam Missile King and Crash Riser were deployed by Alien Zarab in an attempt to attack the Ultra Brothers until Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Noa thwarted them.

Ultraman Zero Televi-Kun

Both Beam Missile King and Crash Riser were sent by Alien Salome to assist the Tector Gear-controlled Darklops Zero to attack Ultraseven and Ultraman Zero until they use Combination Zero to counterattack.

Ultraman Festival 2015

This time, Beam Missile King alone assist Dark Mephisto (Zwei) in his plan to raid an outer space branch of Xio headquarters until it was destroyed by Ultraman Victory via Shepherdon Victorium Flash.


Sevenger Fight


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