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In 1994, Viz released an English comic translation of the manga story Battle of the Ultra Brothers for US publication. It is comprised of 5 volumes.


The story begins with a mysterious evil picking off Ultra Brothers while they're alone, killing them. Zoffy grows more and more desperate to save his brothers, deploying greater safety measures and sending out soldiers to try and track down and destroy this evil, but is unable to prevent Ultraman, Jack, Taro, and Ace from being killed, seemingly by their greatest foes (Zetton, Black King, Birdon, and Ace Killer, respectively). At Ace's death, Zoffy declares that no one should be out alone, and Leo remembers his brother Astra is alone on another planet. Leo, Zoffy, and a small team travel at once to find Astra, but find him dead at the feet of an imposter posing as Zoffy. The imposter laughs and announces he was all of the monsters seen before, revealing that he can shapeshift freely and take on all the abilities of whatever form he takes. When Zoffy demands to see his true face, the imposter obliges, and changes form into Demon King Jackal, who Zoffy recognizes. He recalls that Jackal once tried to conquer the galaxy, and was only prevented from destroying the Ultra Homeworld by Ultraman King defeating him and trapping him in a black hole. Jackal announces he has absorbed the power of the black hole that had imprisoned him, and that he still thirsts for conquest, and for revenge on the Ultra Homeworld for his humiliating defeat. Zoffy and his team attack Jackal, but Jackal shapeshifts rapidly between various powerful forms and deals Leo a fatal blow, forcing Zoffy and the others to retreat to try and save his life. Once they return to Planet Ultra, Jackal laughs at Leo's plight, having disguised himself as an Ultra warrior to sneak onto the land of light to better destroy it and King. Once King sees Jackal's true form, he sends soldiers to defend the Plasma Nuclear Fusion System, but is unable to defeat Jackal. Father of Ultra sends Zoffy out to protect the Ultra Key and his wife, Mother of Ultra, and while Zoffy protests that he can help fight Jackal, Father of Ultra tells him that if Jackal gets the Ultra Key, he will be truly unstoppable. Zoffy flees with Mother of Ultra, and see a massive explosion on the surface of the planet. They return to find Jackal gone, and they can find only twenty-six survivors aside from themselves. Zoffy swears to avenge the fallen Ultra Warriors.

Zoffy and the 26 Ultra Warriors are hiding across Japan in human guise, with Jackle having learned of their survival and trying to force them out of hiding. To this end, they have enslaved all of Japan to track them down. Jackal's soldiers eventually capture one of Zoffy's soldiers and threaten to kill him if Zoffy doesn't reveal himself. This failing to draw out the Ultras, the soldiers begin crushing to death not only the disguised Ultra Warrior, but dozens of humans. Zoffy, though anguished over the decision, feels he can only stand by and wait it out, but the situation is saved when a masked, cloaked figure appears and trounces Jackal's soldiers with terrifying ease and aplomb, despite being outnumbered twenty to one. The figure disappears, and Zoffy is left to wonder who the masked warrior could have been. Zoffy's men heatedly protest sitting around doing nothing, saying thanks to the masked figure they have an opportunity to go on the offensive, but Zoffy hears an explosion from outside their hiding place. Going outside, he sees that Jackal's forces are attacking Tokyo, killing multiple humans in their wake. The masked figure appears again, and Zoffy at last agrees to rally the 28 Ultra Warriors to join him. Jackal's general demands to know who the masked figure is, and in response the figure literally explodes out of his armor for the sake of making a dramatic entrance, announcing himself as the Commander of the Andromeda Nebula Branch of the Inter Galactic Defense Force: Melos! It is at this moment the 28 Ultra Warriors make their appearance, and Zoffy and Melos instantly recognize one another. They fight together against Jackal's general and army, and despite the general being willing to sacrifice his own men to destroy his enemies, Melos is able to destroy him and the army retreats. Zoffy asks Melos to join them, but Melos flatly refuses, announcing that he couldn't fight alongside those who run and hide in fear. Melos then goes after Jackal by himself, encountering one of Jackal's spaceship bearing two of his top commanders. Jackal's ship hits Melos with a Destructo Cannon--a weapon with a beam that can kill an Ultra in a single blow. Thanks to Melos's armor, he barely survives,and Zoffy and the 28 Ultra Warriors come to his aid, two being killed by the beam and one taking a blade meant for Melos. With his dying breath, the Ultra begs Melos to fight alongside Zoffy, and Melos curses himself for having caused the Ultra's death. Two more Ultras die, and Zoffy manages to take control of one of the Destructo Cannons and use it on the ship, destroying it and Jackal's minions inside. After the fight, Zoffy berates Melos, telling him five lives were lost because of his ego. Ashamed, Melos offers to fight alongside them to honor their sacrifice, and together they attack Planet Jackal. Breaking into the throne room, both Zoffy and Melos see a massive statue of Jackal, though neither can tell that Jackal is observing them from inside through the statue's eyehole. The door to the throneroom slams shut, and Zoffy realizes they've both walked into a trap.

The floor breaks from underneath them, and Zoffy and the other Ultra Warriors are buried alive, thanks to Jackal's black hole power sucking them in. Melos fights Jackal one-on-one, and, believing he's found Jackal's weak spot in his horns, slices one off. Jackal falls to his knees, begging Melos to spare his life, but is only waiting for a chance to strike. Meanwhile Zoffy is restored to life by a disembodied blue light surrounding him, and instructed to help Melos beat Jackal. Jackal, by this time, realizes that Melos's armor is deactivated by a button on his wristband and, when Melos turns his back in disgust, he leaps forward, breaks Melos's arm, and presses the button, taking away the only protection Melos had against the power of the black hole. Jackal gloats over his limp figure before leaving, just as Zoffy manages to crawl out of the crushing gravity pit and make his way to Melos's side. This is a lot more gay than I'd remembered. As Jackal preens outside, announcing to his army taht the Ultra warriors are no more and that he plans to take the Ultra homeworld as his new headquarters, he hears defiant words from somewhere in his army. Demanding to know who dares to mock him in his hour of triumph, he sees Melos's armored form in front of him, laughing at him. Infuriated, Jackal orders his army to destroy Melos, but the armored figure strikes back with surprising strength. Jackal charges his destructo beam, but before he can fire, "Melos" fires the M87 Beam, and the two opposing beams almost kill both figures, and completely blows the armor off of "Melos," who turns out to be Zoffy wearing his armor. Zoffy, mocking Jackal, reveals that every Ultra he'd killed has now been revived, and to demonstrate, the once-dead Ultra Brothers appear and simultaneously attack him all at once, destroying him utterly. Zoffy announces that the Demon King is no more, and offers to spare Jackal's entire army if they agree to retreat now. They all agree, but vow to have revenge. Zoffy isn't particularly worried by this, saying they're worthless without their leader. It is revealed that, not only did Melos survive, but the Ultra Homeworld is being rebuilt by King, who earlier appeared to Zoffy to revive him in the form of blue light.

After these events, Fightas is introduced as the younger brother of Melos, following in his brother's footsteps of Extra by dying instantly at the hands of a cartographer.

NOTE: This arc covers the events of the first three volumes. There are two more volumes.






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